5 ways to bypass surveys:


When you searching for some programs or games activator or crack of file etc. is often with survey. You need to complete survey and then its give you download link. But its need long time. And there are some tricks to bypass surveys.

Method 1:
With disabling JavaScript on Google Chrome.
Go to Google Chrome settings. Scroll very down and press on Show Advanced settings…
Click on Content Settings button and under JavaScript section choose Do not allow any site to run JavaScript.
Now when you go to website that asks for surveys and your bypass them.

Method 2:
When you are prompted to take a survey, Right Click the title and Click on Inspect Element.
Now keep pressing Delete button to delete scripts on Inspect Element tab, until Complete a Survey disappear
After the bar disappear.
Now you can see full content or download link.

Method 3:
There are a special website, that bypass surveys. Just open that website and paste that survey link and survey was unlocked. Open this Website.


Method 4:
There are a special program that bypass survey. just download that program, open, paste link of survey and survey was unlocked. Download this program.


Method 5:
There are an extension for Google Chrome for bypassing surveys. Download this Extension.


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