A Dangerous Virus

Indian Android users You should be careful because A new virus ‘DENDROID’ can Hijack your Android Smart Phone Anytime CERT-In’s latest warning is regarding a dangerous Android centric virus called ‘Dendroid’ which can totally hijack Android smartphones and play with its data and features.
This deadly virus belongs to the ‘Trojan’ family, which is notorious for it’s dangerous intentions. The hackers who are behind the creation of this virus can easily command and control servers, edit and delete call logs, open random web pages which can also include malware affected pages, dial any random number, record the calls and transmit them all across the web , intercept SMSes and record them, upload images and video to remote location; download unauthorized applications (even paid ones) and more by this virus In short, it can completely hijack your smartphone and wreak havoc within your personal smartphone. Don’t forget to share this post with your Android friends.


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