Founder OF Hackers Den ,Quits!

It’s not easy to say Good Bye!!

The Heading of the post explains my emotions and attachment to our all readers.
Today the post is neither about any Hack tricks nor any tutorial.It’s my emotions and attachment which getting poured in the form of words.Yes, I am Ravindra and  am moving on in my professional career and leaving Hackers Den, Due to some personal reasons for moving ahead in my career.
I am unable to continue myself here.
Since I joined Hackers den, it was full of enjoyment as I love taking challenges. I have always tried to act in best interest of my readers. My team and I have always worked to satisfy our readers with quality content.

It is Not That Easy when you are planning to make Billion $ Company, Or  You Have set lots Of Goals to achieve. And Suddenly you decided to Quit. Yes, It seems Imaginary, But myself Ravindra and  Founder of Hackers Den  Abishiekh, decided to quit.
Here Is why Abishiekh Jain decided to leave?

Hey, we made a tough decision!
Am quitting Hackers Den as because of it am unable to concentrate on my studies as well as my personal life is destroyed because of this and even am not earning from my site! That’s some devastating, many people think that, I just boast about myself, but I seriously quit this and even my parents want a stable career of mine, so I decide to quit these stuffs. U know whenever anyone texts me and when they ask me what doing, I have got a fixed dialogue “PROGRAMMING
So I want to thank all of my friends who supported but it’s time to leave! And yippee I will get my personal life! 😭😔

We are thankful to all of you for the love, respect and affection you have given us, and I am sure you will always remember us. You need not worry at all for the latest Hacks, Tutorials and about quality content, I am confident our talented team brings best for you. Hackersden’s team would be continuing everything at the same pace and expect all of you to give them unconditional support.

At Last i am very much grateful to Abishiekh as he never refused me for trying anything new .he given huge exposure and freedom to me .

Last but the most important part of this post is to express a sense of gratitude and love to all my teammates which includes Abishiekh, Amit, subham ,Jug S Soni ,Rahul,Salman,Aayush,Kevin and Shraddha . I am totally indebted with the faith my team had in me whatever was thought was delivered happily by them. All of you are really talented and hardworking. I am sure all of you would be continuing the Hackersden better than me ,and achive more than what all goals we have set.

Thanks for reading such a big Post till the end 😀

After Reading such a long post, we are going to say u the shattering truth that it was just a Joke Happy April Fool Day. We apologise if you didnt like this.



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