About Hackers Den

Do you love knowing cool tricks? Are you always on an urge to become an omniscient about TECHNOLOGY? Do you love playing your gadgets in a cooler way? If so then “YOU” are “US”.

Yes, we are a bunch of GEEKS with Myself Abishiekh Jain leading the CREW. We are a team who strive hard and try all possible way to bring you the coolest HACKS (TRICKS) of all time and we make sure our stint on extensive research brings you only “THE BEST”.

We at HACKERS DEN believe that TECHNOLOGY will be the only walkthrough of the future (perhaps we started witnessing it at present ) Though This Website and page of Hackers Den we ensure that none of our supporters is disappointed by our posts or tricks.

The Birth of Hackers Den!

The story of Hackers Den might sound fictional, but it is true. Hackers Den would have never been established if a friend of mine didn’t insult me in front of my friends. I never knew that by just proving my friend wrong, I would have founded Hackers Den. Although I did face a lot of hurdles and complications before making it happen. So I will be telling crisp aftermath of the incident. So after I was insulted, I was determined to prove him wrong and started exploring “Programming” and “Hacking” and after so many countless sleep and determination and the will to learn made me what am today. I was rejected by eighteen facebook pages before the nineteenth one selected me, under which I worked for more than a year and I would be still working on it for FREE if my friend Abhijit (An online geek) wouldn’t have given me the idea of starting my own page. Hackers Den was born that day. It was May 9, sometime in the night when he told me about this and I kind of took it seriously and by midnight I came up with the name Hackers Den.  So technically on May 10, 2014, Hackers Den was born to Abishiekh Jain sole father at that time, it is very hard to raise a kid alone and that too by a father, but somehow this father nurtured him good. This kid still doesn’t have a mother but am pretty sure it will get one, but to your surprise, he got another father and the other father is Ravindra Solanki who also found good potential in that kid. If you want to read the whole incident happened then you can read an interview of mine to get a picture of what exactly happened and what difficulties I faced before, while and after creating Hackers Den. An Interview with Abishiekh Jain


The mystery behind the name “Hackers Den”

There have been many things going on with the name. Initially many thought it as an organization of some hacking group too (which it’s not) which technically meant hackers in a den waiting to unleash their hacking powers and I felt amused when I first heard it :p but truthfully speaking it doesn’t have any special or hidden meaning, I just thought it and I liked the way it sounded and bah done.  Many think Hackers Den as a site for hackers or something to do with hacking and often people misunderstand, they come in the need for some hacking tutorials and close the tab because they got upset of not getting what they wanted. So basically Hackers Den is a technology blog about tricks. Hackers Den provides blog posts that reveal useful short-cuts to today’s technology. Often, these short-cuts, or hacks, can unlock more uses and utility from websites, personal hand-held devices or even video games. It is a website created to satisfy the demand of visitors in wanting to read something interesting relating to technology So you can learn about the latest technology things going in market or perhaps posts like

  • Top Facebook Tricks You Must Know
  • How To Hide Secret Text In An Image
  • How to Access Blocked Websites

Who is the founder of Hackers Den?

This little kid who is known as Abishiekh Jain is the Founder/Editor of Hackers Den  A boy who was not passionate about his dreams, nor goal oriented, didn’t want to change or innovate something in this world, he had nothing in mind, just study, get good grades, get into some good college, find some good companies, get settled by working 9 to 5 for someone else and no more shits. In short, following the crowd. This kind of boy who never knew no shit about computers, created a successful platform for himself, by just proving his friend wrong.

Hey, Fellows! I am Abishiekh Jain. A student who just completed his twelfth boards (2017) with 80.17% in Science Stream. A programmer made by an insult. A blogger due to LOVE of the people. A writer by heart <3. An Extrovert from an Introvert.

So this is who Abishiekh Jain is, short and crisp bio. If you have some doubt or just want to be friends, you can connect me on Facebook or Twitter or can even call me.

If you have any doubt regarding technology or need some motivation or just need a person to talk, reach me through this contact form.

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