Access Your Friends PC From Your PC by Remote Desktop Control

Hey, Guys, I’m back with another fantastic article which accessing your friends PC by using Remote Desktop Control.

So, first of all, we will understand what Remote Desktop Control is. It is also known as Terminal Service, which allows users to take control of an another computer over a network connection.

There are many software which gives us the same experience, like TeamViewer, LogMeIn, GoToMyPC. These all are third party software, while these are not very much safe, Windows has this function default in its system.Windows has a couple of built-in tools for handling this, called Remote Desktop Connection and Remote Assistance. These are included with every Windows installation; The Remote Assistance feature lets you see the screen off and take control of another PC, so it serves our purposes. One advantage of Remote Connection over Remote Assistance is that no one has to be sitting at the host PC.

Since our most of the users are using Windows 7, I’ll guide you from 7 Operating System. So now let us start How to Turn On Remote Desktop Connection on your PC!

How to Turn On Remote Desktop Control in your PC!

Make sure both the PC’s are on and have an internet connection, they shouldn’t be in sleep or hibernate or else in won’t work.

1.Enable Remote Desktop by going to control panel and search “Remote”, or else the other way is to go to Start -> Right-Click on My Computer, choose Properties. On the Left Hand Side panel, you’ll see Remote Settings. Click on that and see “Allow Remote Assistance Connections to this Computer” is checked.First Step

2.If this is checked then move ahead, again open Start -> type,” Remote Assistance” in the Search box. After opening the option, you will get  something like this:Reomte

3.After that another screen appears:Third Step

As you can see, there are 3 options given in the above screenshot  1.Save this invitation as a file;

2.Use e-mail to send an invitation;

3. Use Easy Contact. So now I will explain all the three one by one

1.Save this invitation as a file: As the option says, you need to invite someone to use this function
2.Use e-mail to send an invitation: In this option the file will send invite through email
3.Use Easy Connect: So as the name suggests it is the most efficient and easiest way to connect, in my screenshot it is greyed, This will be the situation if both PCs aren’t utilizing Windows 7 or 8, with some corporate systems, and if your router doesn’t support Peer Name Resolution Potocol. When I associated with an open Wi-Fi system, the alternative got to be accessible. Regardless, send the welcome to the client of the PC that is going to do the remote controlling. What’s more, Simple Associate satisfies its name: On the off chance that it’s accessible, that is the one you ought to utilize.

4. So as you send the invitation, the receiver will do the same process but he has to select  “Help Someone Who Has Invited You”. The first occasion when you connect to a PC this way, you’ll be asked to “Choose a way to connect to the other person’s computer,” with the choices being an invitation file and using Easy Connect.Note that after the primary association, the controller will see an alternate arrangement of alternatives: The login symbols for PCs he’s now associated with and a clear one named “Help someone new.” On a rehash association utilizing a contact’s symbol, the discourse will demonstrate an advancement bar with the content, “Searching for contact…”.

You will find the following images there after:

Remote3 Remote4

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