Advantages and Disadvantages of using Whatsapp!

Whatsapp, The App: WhatsApp is the most used and loved app by all generations in the whole world, be it, youngsters or grandparents. It is the most convenient app that has been developed. Its founders are Brian Acton and Jan Koum, who used to work for Yahoo Inc. Jan Koum came up with the idea of developing this app when his gym banned the use of cell phones in 2009. Koum became annoyed at missing calls as well as those important messages during his gym classes.
Then It came the time of WhatsApp!
So from that time to the time of building and re-building, it continued forever, and Finally came the time when WhatsApp was launched in 2009. It was at first made accessible for people who used IOS but in the following years was made available for people using Android, Windows, Symbian, and Blackberry devices.
Then Whatsapp never could become stoppable and continued to grow ever and forever and then, When it had been marked that WhatsApp started to process 10 billion messages per day, Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO of Facebook Inc, World’s largest social networking got interested in this big deal and after a good experimenting phase finally the App “Whatsapp” was purchased for 19 billion US Dollars in February 2014.
  • Advantages of using WhatsApp include:


1. Sending and receiving messages for free to any part of the globe including text, photos, videos or audios limitlessly,

2. Its user-friendly features,

3.  No advertisements,

4. No need for a person to add a contact manually to the contact list as it automatically takes in the information of your address book,

5.  One can save money on SMS and MMS.

But nothing ever comes with no disadvantage right, That is the same with Whatsapp, you cannot be so much sure about everything next door!

So Let us have a look at this phase of the coin too!

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  • Disadvantages of WhatsApp are:


1. Chat with only those who have a smartphone and have WhatsApp installed,

2. One must have access to the internet to use WhatsApp.

3. One has to share their mobile number with each other to communicate.

4. The profile picture is visible to every person who is present in the contact list which
everyone does not feel is safe in today’s time.

5. Everyone in your friend list can view when you were last online.

People use WhatsApp even at the time when it’s better to call up the other person. It has made life easier and happy because it has connected people with whom it was tough to connect because of the high rates of international calling. IT is also going to be launched (purely rumors) for different upcoming smartphones too like Galaxy Note 6, iPhone 8s, Galaxy S8 and many leading figures. It has made life difficult in several situations since it sometimes becomes a nuisance when you do not want disturbance and people keep on messaging you since they can view your last seen. If one switches off their internet connection, they cannot access other phone apps which can be accessed only if you have an internet connection


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