Advertising has changed the way how people used to interact with everything online and offline, so anything you wanted to promote can be done easily online using high profile blogs receiving tons of traffic, so you can showcase your product or service and can get a huge audience and make some awesome bucks. So after a bigger thought, I decided to convert  Hackers Den into the same platform allowing new advertisers to come and display their advertisement on our blog on a monthly and weekly basis.

Now Why To Advertise With Hackers Den ?

That’s a brilliant question! Why Should You Advertise with Hackers Den?
The Answer is pretty Simple Hackers Den is a fast growing blog with pageviews of 10k/day. It is a popular trending Technology Blog which mainly covers articles related to Hacking, Tech Tips and Tricks.
Apart From All These Hackers Den has been acknowledged several times
You can read all the achievements of Hackers Den from HERE
And One More beautiful thing is We Charge very low :).
So Here are some quick images of the stats of Hackers Den
Hackers Den received 600 Thousand Pageviews
Here is the image check it out!


hackers den stats
Hackers Den Crosses 600 Thousand Pageviews

Hackers Den Captured its Biggest Real Time

332 real time

Current Site Statistics:

1.Alexa –

Alexa Rank, which I usually don’t care as I cannot depend on Alexa for my blog quality but anyhow here, are my Alexa stats
Globally-: 379,218 India -: 19,437

2. Daily And Monthly Stats -:

These all pictures are taken by phone, so you won’t think that I have used Inspect Element 😉

3.Facebook Fans -:

Hackers Den Facebook Page Has 11000+ Likes. It is an active page on Facebook The Link is -: Hackers Den Facebook Page 


These stats are how people are connected to Hackers Den  25000+ People are related to Hackers Den in different ways

5. Da And Pa Stats 


Ad Slots 

Sidebar AD
300 x 600 (I SPOT)
300 x 250 (1 SPOT)
300 x 150 (2 SPOT)
Top Post AD
624 x 60 (1 SPOT)
Bottom Post AD
624 x 60 (1 SPOT)
Footer AD
728 x 90 (1 SPOT)
Homepage AD
624 x 60 (1 SPOT)


Terms & Rules


Well, displaying advertisement is not as you can ask for it, pay for it and post it, but there are few things you must be aware of before you can display any advertisement on out blog. So all the points are mentioned below so read them thoroughly.

  1. Your ads can be on a monthly or weekly basis which ever suits you.
  2. Your website must not have any popping up ads if so it should be limited to one as it might cause our visitors to face a bad experience.
  3. Your blog or website should not be using any of adult or porn related things, like ads, products, posts or any offensive stuff.
  4. You have to pay the whole amount first so that we can start displaying your advertisement.
  5. The banner you are going to create for your product or website should be well formatted according to what size you are going to choose. It should be JPEG, PNG or GIF format.
  6. There is not return for your money if you want to remove the advertisement from out blog, so it is your choice if you wish to keep that ad for that period or not.
If You are satisfied with Hackers Den and Rules and want to advertise with us the drop a mail @ [email protected] or [email protected] . I Will respond to you within 2 Business days



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