Amazing technologies that changed Our Planet and life completely

amazing technologies

Technology is a vast subject and every human has his own perspective of technology. In lay man’s language, we can say that technology like an ocean of knowledge helping in creating machines and gadgets to perform daily tasks. Shoshana Zuboff states that “technology makes the world a new place”. So analyzing this quote it is true that technology has a great impact on the world.

It’s the technology that is bringing genius like Einstein, Steve Jobs and other great scientists in limelight from ages. These masterminds have given us so much with the help of technology. Therefore, we can say that technology can help solve all sorts of problems in our lives. The invention of wheels to travel, telecom one to communicate, Internet for daily life, oven or kitchen appliances to cook food, computers for office or homework are all blessings of technology.

One can never count the uses of technology in our lives. We use technology every single moment of our lives. Starting from getting up through the alarm clock, making breakfast using kitchen gadgets, driving to work with the help of vehicles, working at the office on laptops, communicating through mobiles, surfing for anything required using the internet and the list goes on.

Nevertheless, we know that technology has a huge list of advantages without a doubt, like below:

  • Given us machines to ease up our lives
  • Providing innovative ideas to flouring as industry and nation
  • Easy communication and gathering information
  • Technology can help us save the planet, as science nowadays can tell in advance in case of any catastrophe
  • Travelling is easy

But that doesn’t mean that it has no side effects. Some of its major drawbacks are:

  • Firstly, if technology helps us to save the planet, things can be reversed as well if we do not take care
  • Individuals living together in a family but still remote, for the reason that everyone is busy with his own gadget, thanks to technology for that
  • On one hand technology is providing such useful things but similarly, one worst thing ever was also invented by it an i.e. weapon. Humanity is lost somewhere because of these
  • Machines are replaced by human labor; since they can work more, as a result affecting the labor class the most
  • Technology is helping make education easy but it is not increasing literacy rate, a reason is that children spend most of the time with gadgets
  • Finally, it is making us lazy, because machines do our work for us.

However, in the article below we will be looking at some amazing inventions of technology that changed the world totally:

  1. Organ Transplant:

organ transplant

Whatever the case is, we always have to be thankful for technology for this consecration, as nothing is important than a human life. Dr. Joseph Murray holds the privilege of performing the first ever kidney transplant back in 1954. On or after that day, doctors are busy saving thousands of lives every day with organ transplant. Hats off to the technology and all the intellects, many innocent kids, older people, and youngsters are able to see the gilts and glam of this world all thanks to science

  1. Automobiles:


Second, on the list we have automobiles. German inventor Karl Benz gave the first ever modern car to this world. Since then, the world is witnessing one after the other advanced cars with best windshield wipers and transport mediums to aid people traveling. Now the circumstances are that we cannot travel to the end of the road without an automobile. This is also providing bread and butter to many people, for the reason that growing number of automobile companies needs workers.

  1. Robots:


The year 1954, Gorge Devol thought up first-ever industrial robot, and from that day on robots is replacing humans. Be it a servant, employee, a pet or workers in factory robots are all around us. They are efficient and work much faster than a normal human. They can be our best friend as well as the greatest rival at the same time.

  1. Mobile phones:

mobile phones

Once there was a time when contacting to people was not an easy task telephone was there but while traveling or going somewhere one obviously cannot carry a landline since it’s impossible. Afterwards, the mobile phone came in our lives, and now it is a basic necessity of our lives. No matter where we are. We cannot forget our mobile phone. Besides enabling us to call in case of emergency, mobiles now perform multiple functions. They are our guide, our teacher. Motorola in 1973 was the first mobile phone to make a call.

  1. Internet


In the year 1969, the first message between two systems was sent using ARPANET. Afterwards, brains are constantly working on it, introducing world largest digital library having knowledge about everything I.e. Google. Besides that, the Internet is now performing every single job, online shopping, house security, traveling, food, work Internet is everywhere. After the discovery of first World Wide Web, researchers began exploring new options in every possible manner and now we live in the advance era of Internet where nothing is impossible

  1. Electricity and light bulb:

light bulb

Thanks to Thomas Edison for giving us this light bulb. But he was not the only one who gets the credit. Many people before and after him were working on it and the end result is what we have today. Electricity supply and light are not far from the blessing. People can work at any hour of the day at any place even if it is dark. Electricity supplies in all the houses helping to achieve this dream, moreover it a basic need of today’s life.

That’s all from this post, if you know any technologies which will help in revolutionizing this world and make it much better place to live in, let me know in the comment section 🙂

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