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Kevin "K1SS" Somani a boy from Surat, Gujarat. He loves hacking, dance, sports. No mastery in any of the fields but jack of all.

Now Remove Shortcut Virus In 2 Easy Ways

Hello fans, so again with a new article on removing shortcut virus from your PC. So, what is shortcut virus? As other virus harms our PC, this virus is transferred from USB’s, CD’s, and other equipment like this and makes your files change into shortcut with original folder icons. Whenever you insert you pen-drive in […]

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Access Your Friends PC From Your PC by Remote Desktop Control

Hey, Guys, I’m back with another fantastic article which accessing your friends PC by using Remote Desktop Control. So, first of all, we will understand what Remote Desktop Control is. It is also known as Terminal Service, which allows users to take control of an another computer over a network connection. There are many software which […]

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Check out your CPU temperature!!

Hey Guys, This is Kevin “K1SS” Somani with another fantastic article on CPU Temperature. Whenever you use your PC or Laptop, you often face fast heating up of your CPU and sometimes it becomes so hot that your lap is heated up too!! Heating up of CPU or one of it drives creates lots of […]

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How To Keep Your Room Secure Using Web camera?

You can now easily monitor your room, office or workplace for activities going on during your absence without having to invest on expensive hidden cameras. If you’ve ever wondered to find a way to turn your PC Web Camera into a spy camera, here is a straightforward and efficient solution. It can be handy to […]

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