Contentmart Review – A Revolutionary Platform For Either Side Of The Content Writing Spectrum

I know it can be tiring to keep up in the digital marketing turtle race. And another door of challenge, finding consistently good content writers who would be able to pull off the job with impressive quality.

After going through promising sites you ended up with successive failures and dissatisfying works. If that has been the story for few of your browsing histories then I suggest you keep scrolling down to know how has revolutionized this content writing community and are indirectly fuelling a considerable traffic flow in several websites and blogs.

What is so unique about Contentmart?

The site itself has an intelligent and responsive design and works seamlessly on all sorts of devices featuring a broad list of resolutions. From smartphones to super wide led monitors. I tested the site out and was impressed by this intelligent yet disruptive design which did not ooze complexity and can be understood by a grade schooler. The added heap of features were in line and ready to knock me out as I explored more.

For starters as a content seeker you can bid adieu to your worries of going through various profiles before and creating a base of quality content writers through several trial and errors.

Contentmart seeks to host an elite community of content writers who have to go through strict guideline test before being allowed to bid on any project. The test acts as a check to the quality of the content being at par with the client’s expectation and probes for signs which demonstrates the writer’s command over the selected language.

If you are interested to provide native language friendly articles which can widen your audience, this site features a ton of writers capable of pulling off the job. That surprised me, since other leading sites providing a similar platform like Freelance, Elance and Upwork have a global outlook, but is not interested in native languages. But global content seekers and writers can also use the site for it provides an array of exclusive free services which are not offered by its rivals.

So let’s check out this leading content writing platform who have impressive and reputed partners like Aviva, H&R Block, UNICEF, YourStory and practo.

What’s in it for a client?

Content comes in various shapes and forms. It might be targeted SEO Writing, or editing and proofreading, copywriting or content writing for brochures. If you even need a press release written Contentmart has the versatile community who possess the correct skill sets to meet the job requirements and provide more than satisfactory results.

As a client you don’t even need to link your card information or bank to pay for your projects. Simply sign up by providing basic info or using Facebook ID and go to the New Order tab.

Now as indicated here you provide name of the job, payment basis like per order or per word, expertise, deadline, language and other requirements and click on the publish button.

After the project gets approved by the Contentmart team, get ready to choose from the wide array of writers who will bid on your project. Within a day or two you will have a list of prolific writers to choose from based on their quick profile and reviews from earlier projects.

They even have a chat feature where you can inquire to collect a bit more insight of your bidder before awarding him the project.

Later you can add funds to Contentmart with the help of mobile banking apps or through your bank account and pay to the bidder in exchange for the excellent work you receive.

And all of this is as smooth and hassle-free as you read it.

What’s in it for a Content Writer?

Apart from a huge client base who are consistently searching for quality work in various field you get a huge platform to grow as a freelancer

After signing up as a writer you have option to take several grammar test and other challenges to get promoted through the hurdles.

There are four levels which feature standard, experienced, verified and handpicked. While the former three are achieved through online qualification tests at the site and the works you will do; to be a handpicked writer you need to be “handpicked” by the Contentmart team manually. The higher levels you have, the higher are your chances over other freelancers

Minimum payout at the site is $50 and a 20 percent is deducted by Contentmart. Realistic deadlines should be promised or reached, or it will hurt your reputation and might sent the ball to some other court.

It would be a regrettable decision if you did not try I have tried my best to provide a detailed review, so it’s your turn to be a part of this leading community and collaborate with your counterparts to achieve consistent and quality work.

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