Convert your website into a mobile application. Convertify App – Review

Ever wished to get some easy way to have your website turned in to a mobile application? Sure, you must have! because the netizens today look for the apps of a specific brand to trust its potential. It’s not like websites aren’t working a thing for your brand. Assume it as a ratio of 3 by 2 for website and app respectively which helps you show your audience your brand’s potential.

Well, most of the brands prefer having a website over an application because they are easier to build and cheaper as well. But when you look on the other side of the trench, the mobile applications are one of the most efficient ways to build a mobile friendly business for your audience. Comparatively, we see the mobile applications are notorious for being a complicated tackle and of course, expensive.

So, heading our ways back to the subject, we have an easy way to get our websites converted into mobile applications without having us to splurge. So, it is with “Convertify”, where you don’t have to build a mobile application separately from the scratch, if you have an existing website.

If you heard about convertify for the first time, or you already know it but has got no idea if it has got anything you can do with, then read on. You surely will find some help!

Let’s dive into insights about Convertify

Without making it a complicated introduction, it can simply be defined as an app that makes it possible to convert your website into a mobile application. Now, because the mobile application stuff deals with lots of complicated development aspects, you might think the process may take you long like weeks or months, then you are probably wrong. Convertify is keen at keeping things quick, simple and effortless.

Convertify’s look-a-like concept

Convertify runs a simple concept, which converts your website into mobile application (Android & iOS) that looks the same way your website appears on mobile devices, but without a browser interface. The rest of all (features, content) is intact. So, your website appears like an application on the mobile devices, fully functional and responsive like it was on a browser. Amazing isn’t it?

So, further diving into the concept, you will get to know that you are available with the option to get Android and iOS app development

  • iOS App development

When you go for the iOS app development, they convert your website into an iOS application and deliver you the converted file that is ready to get launched on the App store.

  • Android App development

When you go for the Android app development, they convert your website into an android application and deliver you the converted file that is ready to get launched on the Google Play store.

Well, the icing on the top is that you also have the option of getting both the formats (iOS and Android) for your website, this way you are not just saving your time, but also keeping from the heavy mobile application development costs.

Convertify’s working – Definitely not a rocket science!

Like mentioned before, Convertify is keen at keeping things easy, simple and effortless. So, you don’t have to get your hands dirty with programming or any technical stuff. Here’s a concise version or say a quick view of the complete process. Assuring you! It won’t take long.

  • Firstly, it doesn’t require any signups or will force you into a subscription to get your work done, so all you need is visiting the Convertify’s website.
  • Now, submit your website’s URL, name and Logo to get it converted into a native application.
  • Later, you have to make a one-time payment depending on your requirement, like Android or iOS or both, yeah! You got that option.
  • And there you go, the Convertify’s team assures you to develop your application and deliver them directly to your inbox in less than 24 hours.
  • Voila, in next 24 hours, you will be able to upload your application on Google Play store and/or App store.

Quick, simple and impressing isn’t it! With Convertify you are not getting things done effortlessly but also getting to circumvent the problem of the high cost of developing an application form the scratch.

Convertify’s Pricing – The worthy nub

Convertify is all about one-time payment and doesn’t want you to get into a not-so-liked subscription ritual. So, here is what it costs you to get your website converted into a mobile application.

For Android  – It costs $69/ one-time to get an APK file developed for the Google Play store.

For iOS – It costs $69/ one-time to get an IPA file developed for the App store.

For both (Android and iOS) – It costs $119/ one-time to get an APK file and IPA file developed for the Google Play store and App store respectively.

So, that was all about the Convertify app.

Bottom line

If you are looking for an easy and cheap way to get a mobile application for your brand, then you can surely give Convertify a shot! It’s reliable, affordable and simplified and surely worthy of a try.

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