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Whenever you use your PC or Laptop, you often face fast heating up of your CPU and sometimes it becomes so hot that your lap is heated up too!! Heating up of CPU or one of it drives creates lots of chances of accidents which are very harsh.

CPU heating is caused due to using a lot of programs together, playing high graphic games on less compatible PCs. Many people often don’t take it seriously and at the end, they the suffer burns sometimes 3rd-degree burns.

To keep out users safe and sound while using PC or Laptop this is an article about them!!!

Monitor your CPU temperature with CoreTemp

So to keep your CPU temperature less and avoid heating up I have written this article.

So let us start, first of all, download Core Temp software from here

Core Temp is one of the most modern software; there are many like Speccy, HW Monitor, Real Temp, CPU Thermometer, Speed Fan and many other but I advise this software (As per my experience)

  1. First of all follow all the installation process
  2. During the installation process do all the changes you want. After it completes you will see this:


And something like this:


This is the current temperature of your drive you can make changes as you want by going into options

Whenever your temperature goes high or lows its color will change as per its temperature. As it goes high, it will notify you.

So this is the trick by which you can monitor and do the changes as you want.

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Note: Any harm caused to your PC or laptop will not be our responsibility

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