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In this post, I will cover What is Deep Web and The Dark Web?, History of Deep Web, Is it safe to use Deep Web?ย How to access Deep Web, Why we can’t access Deep Web using regular search engines, even I will be sharing some disturbing stories related to Deep Web and almost all your doubts will be cleared after reading this post ๐Ÿ™‚ You can join our Facebook Group if not already -: Hackers Den
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What is Deep Web and The Dark Web?

First of all, let me clear this, Many think that The Deep Web and The Dark Web are same! No Mate, they both are not same. So let’s remove the confusion between The Deep Web and The Dark Web
The Deep Web, The Invisible Web, The Hidden Web or whatever you call are those parts of the Internet or World Wide Web (www) whose contents are not indexed by regular search engines whereas
The Dark Web is a group of websites that are publicly visible but hide the IP Addresses of the servers that run them. Sites in The Dark Web have an extension of .onion instead of .com or .net or .in or any other domain extension
It can be visited by a regular web user, but it is very tough to find put who is behind the site or who is running it. Almost all sites on Dark Web hide their identity using TOR Encryption Tool.

The internet consists about more than 8 billion websites, wow that’s awesome, but even more awesome is only 4% of the internet is visible from which we access Facebook, Amazon, Google and every other, the rest 96% lies in a place called DEEP WEB! Just imagine, how big it is?

History Of Dark/The Deep Web

There was no exact evidence when it was created, but many said that it was set up by the US Government in 1969, though at that time it did contain information or database like it contains now. It was started as a project by the US military as means to hide the information and secure communication from their soldiers abroad. Thus the onion routing was born; it is a method of information transfer where the data is encapsulated in layers of encryption like the layers of the onion, thus the name onion routing was born. After the US military had released the code public, TOR browser was created which enabled anyone to access the DEEP web. Thus people started building websites in it hidden from public eye and thus The Deep Web was created.

How big is DEEP Web-:

The Deep web is massive, and it can be accessed in number of ways, it is impossible to measure how big is deep web because a lot of websites are hidden and locked out which cannot be accessed without special privileges, but to a rough estimate it is said to be 550 times bigger than the surface or normal web (Just imagine).
You can use the TOR browser to access the deep web, but it does not give you unlimited access to all the websites or software. There is a part of the deep web which is called as The Mariana Web which is named after the deepest trench on the earth; it is so hard to find that it needs quantum computing to reach that part of the deep web. It is said to contain humanity’s best kept secrets including the location of Atlantis and information of every secret organization running.Enough to scare you, isn’t it ?

Is it safe to use The Dark or Deep Web?

It depends. It is safe to browse unless you do some stuff which may land you in some trouble because people running these sites are invisible, and they know who you are but you cannot find them be careful!

Should you use VPN with TOR?

First, let me clear what a VPN is? VPN stands for Virtual Private Network, which securely connects you to other with privacy, it helps you to access the content blocked upon your location.However it is very insecure to use VPN for illicit activities because VPN keeps a record of everything you do on the internet (after connecting it) and if someone asks for the record for legal or some crime activities, they have to hand it over and it is very insecure
So I suggest you not to use VPN in TOR if you carry out some illegal activity or else you will get caught

What is TOR?


TOR is a proxy and browser that can access the deep web or the dark web. It is a browser which can also help you to access the surface web (standard web which is indexed by search engines) anonymously.It is the most common dark web browser and one of the best browser to be ANONYMOUS. It is FREE to use.

Brief History About TOR-:

The name TOR is derived from the acronym “The Onion Router.” It was developed in the mid-1990s by U. S. Navy employees, mathematician Paul Syverson and computer scientists Michael G. Reed and David Goldschlag, that enabled them to browse the internet anonymously. DARPA further developed it in 1997.

The alpha version of Tor, developed by Syverson and computer scientists Roger Dingledine and Nick Mathewson and then called The Onion Routing project, or TOR project, launched on 20 September 2002
In 2006 TOR has become a nonprofit organization and is heavily funded by the U.S. Government

How do Tor Networks work?

Tor hides the sender’s IP address and protects the identity by bouncing the communications across different nodes in the TOR network. TOR does not store the destination IP address in data; it only stores destination and IP address of the last used node in the TOR network
So no one could say where the data came from.Example -: if I send something to you, no one knows except any of the really in TOR network just know that data is going to, it does not know from where it came
There are thousands of relays in TOR network when you send data in a TOR network, it randomly picks up a relay and then that relay picks up another and so on. Each relay exchange has encryption, so that the communication between them, can only be read by them

If you use TOR and head to, you will get an IP address, but you won’t be able to track it because it doesn’t exist. Even Google will ask you to do some captcha verification when you use TOR, stating some issues with your internet

Normal web traffic, even after using a VPN, it only encrypts the data part of the packet but the source and destination IP address are public and visible, so if anyone is intercepting this traffic then he can read to where it is going and from where it is sent

How to access the DEEP WEB?

To access the deep web you need a tool called TOR Browser (simple), just download it, install it and set it up and you are ready to access the DEEP WEB. It will look like a regular Mozilla browser, but it is very secure and anonymous, no one will able to track you. When Snowden wanted to chat with the journalists but shouldn’t get tracked upon, used TOR, and no one was able to track it.

Why can’t we access DEEP WEB via regular search engines or browsers?

Regular search engines cannot access the contents of the dark web because it contains dynamic content, web pages that exist but are not linked in the normal web. It uses .onion pseudo top-level domain. You can’t access it from your regular browser because the .onion domain isn’t present in the standard domain database, which turns a human-readable name into an IP address.
Regular websites use the ‘HTTP‘ protocol.They have built-in support for this. But sites in DEEP WEB uses the TOR protocol, so you need a browser that supports TOR to connect. So You need a TOR Browser that send your request to the TOR servers, which can decrypt your request and send it to the appropriate port.
If you typed in a .onion address into a regular browser, it wouldn’t know what to do with it. You can either type it into a TOR browser or use a TOR gateway which will connect that site for you.

Deep Web Marketplaces-:

silk road

Silk Road,ย the first and most popular website in The Dark Net was known for selling drugs online. It was launched in 2011, and it had more than 10,000 products, in which 70% of them were drugs and the rest 30 % included fake driver’s license, stolen credit cards, child pornography, assassination and loads of other disturbing activities. The founder of this site Ross Ulbricht also known as “Dread Pirate Roberts” was arrested on 2 October 2013 in San Francisco and was accused of child pornography, murder, selling drugs and lot more.It is said that from February 6, 2011, to July 23, 2013, it completed about 1,229,465 transactions generating a revenue of 9,519,664 Bitcoins, and the total commissions collected by it was 614,305 Bitcoins. These were equal to about $1.2 billion in revenue and $79.8 million in commissions, at that time. Currently, the revenue will be around $7.61 billion, and the commission would be about $452 million.According to a report, it involved 146,946 buyers and 3,877 vendors.
After the shutdown of Silk Road, it lead to development of millions of site like this and it has been more disturbing than it was before

Drugs like cocaine, cannabis, psychedelics are now easily available in The Deep/Dark Web.

Illegal firearms, guns, bombs are all available on the dark web. The user can buy from them illegally and can get it shipped to any part of the world. You can hire someone to kill a person also


driver's license


id cards

fake currencyfake currency

You can buy fake documents, passports, driving license of any country,fake currencies, high school certificate, even a college degree.

cash machine

You can also buy stolen credit cards, hacked bank accounts or PayPal, or even you can hire someone to hack a website, a Facebook account or a bank account or anything.Even a mercenary team to start a war under your name, and you can also review the seller after the job is completed! Gosh :(You can also trade animals in the Deep/Dark Web ๐Ÿ™ disgusting.

Below image is about Hacking in Deep Web


There is Facebook for Deep web too, which is the real one. Link to access Facebook in Deep Web isย https://www.facebookcorewwwi.onion/ ( it won’t open in normal web browser, but only in TOR)

Digging deep down in the Dark Web, you will also find child pornography, you will find videos which are very disturbing like a man being tortured naked, burning him, really can’t describe those things (very horrifying). There is a website in the deep web called as Violence desires where people post their various desires about murders, rape, kidnapping.There are sites giving out tips on how to kidnap, how to kill without evidence left. There is another site known as Human Experiment which will make you question humanity; there are videos on those sites of people getting experimented.The standard tests done are drug trials, transfusions, and pain tolerance included of no gender or age ๐Ÿ™ very disturbing
You might be thinking that the Deep/Dark web is so big and it sells services too, so how you pay them, because if you use a card or bank account, you will get caught, right?

Yeah in Deep/Dark web, you don’t use your card or bank account which can trace you can back, instead of that you use a virtual currency called BITCOINS.Bitcoins were created by keeping anonymity in mind. Bitcoins are decentralized cryptocurrency which means it is not the real money; it is a virtual currency. It is used in almost all Dark web transactions. It is very anonymous; you cannot say its is completely anonymous but yeah compared using your credit/debit card or PayPal, it’s far anonymous than them. It does have a highly volatile pricing range, though, so it’s hard to invest in it because the rate of bitcoin will be raised or decreased by hundreds of dollars the same week.
So bitcoins are used in transactions in dark or deep web because it is untraceable, anonymous, secure, no hassles like you can just send the money the person sitting on another side of planet without going to bank and doing all formalities
Bitcoins are not only used in the dark or deep web, and it is not illegal in every country, but it is used in the normal web also, with bitcoins you can also buy goods online

How do you get bitcoins?

You need to get a wallet, not a real one but digital one of Bitcoin, which you can get from their website, and then you will get a unique address which is alphanumeric, and that acts like you bank account number, everything. You don’t need to input your email or password to open, all it need an android/ios or any device or hardware or desktop or even web, if you want to access the account then you need to login via decide you did you cannot open on any other device as it contains no email or password to login, so make sure you take a backup regularly.I won’t elaborate this more, you can refer these two guides.

How to use a BitCoin Wallet

How Can I Buy BitCoins

There are not only SATANS-:

The deep web is not only filled with demons and satans. Apart from selling drugs, gun market, it also has simple forums and even social networking site which are called as BLACKBOOK, similar to Facebook, unlike Facebook which invades in privacy breaching.Blackbook is far secure. There is a website known as Readers Against DRM, which provides free books to people in the name of KNOWLEDGE. Many such sites are there in Deep Web. So deep web is not only a place to hide for cyber criminals.The Government uses the deep web as a recruitment tool; it finds the best and The infamous group SACADA 3301 was part of the government agency, which posted cryptic puzzles on public networks, looking for the best world. Crackers in the world .

Myths About Dark Web -:

1) It is too scary or dangerous

It is scary, it is dangerous, but to an extent.
It is often used for political freedom and is the only free internet left which can be utilized for anything, plus the security in it is very higher, and there is very very less chance for you to stumble upon the scary thing and as many people say if your browse it, you will get hacked or tortured, it does not just randomly hack the people who just use it.
To be on safer side, you can follow these safety precautions
1. Don’t trust anyone out there in the deep web.

2. COVER your webcam using tape.

3. Never download any files or software from the deep web.

4. If you want some extra protection (or maybe), type “about: config” in the address bar, scroll down to “Javascript_enabled” and change the value from “true” to “false.”

5. Don’t use Utorrent or any other torrenting services while surfing on the deep web.

2) It is immense

It is of course! As I said above, it is 550 times larger than surface web, but it remains mystery as some other claim that it is not immense and it contains only about 40,000 websites
Mystery unsolved ๐Ÿ™

3) Only CyberCriminals and Criminals use it

NO, a big no.
It is mainly used by political activist, and it can be used for anything.
There is a site in the deep web known as WikiLeaks which gives you the freedom to speak anything without censorship, so even you can use that. It is even used by journalist and reporter to hide the things what are they doing, for instance, take an example of, Edward Snowden, he used the deep web and the TOR encryption tool ๐Ÿ™‚

4) Red Rooms are Everywhere

Red rooms is basically to watch a live murder, in case if you don’t know
Live Streaming is not possible over TOR; it may be possible, but it is practically tough because the TOR doesn’t offer you the same type of speeds at the regular internet does. Most of the stories you hear online are fake, which are just created to get views or attention and create a danger image about the deep web. There are many scary videos out there in the regular web than the deep web, which are more frightening and disturbing.

5) Deep and Dark Web are the same

No No, I have already said about it that they are not the same, but will repeat so you will understand it. The Dark web is just a small part of the deep web; the deep web is not purposely hidden, but the dark web is.

6) You will get arrested by browsing the Deep Web

No, you will be not arrested by just browsing it. In most of the countries it is legal to browse the deep web, not in the country like North Korea or something like that where even internet is banned, so can’t count that. But make sure you read those text correctly, I said browsing is excellent, buying illegal thing is not, which may land you up in jail, and don’t think if you are the son of MLA or something, you can come out, that part of the web is cruel.

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deep web inforgraphic

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