Does your Computer hang frequently?

By Abishiekh jain
***Does your Computer hang
frequently? Fix it in easy steps◄
You have to do following case:
1) You have to check first your
processor fan is working properly
of not?
2) Go to Start -> Run -> then type
(delete all temp files) that are
increase your system speed.
3) Go to My Computer -> select all
the hard
disk drives i.e.(Local Disk C:,D:,E:
etc) -> right
click & select properties and
cleanup all drives that are remove
unwanted program.
4) Go to Start -> Run -> then type
then click OK. It open system
These go to services and start up.
deselect the programme you don’t
want to run automatically when
system is start.
Note :- all changes will done in
Administrator account.
5) Go to windows folder then open
system32 folder look inside the
name of folder is
“prefetch” delete it. If you can’t
find the inside
of system32 folder come back one
step means
go to windows there you will be
find & delete the files in that
6) some critical problems occur
from internet temp file therefore
you have to clean history. I hope
your system work properly.

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