Easy Way To Send .EXE Files From Gmail

As we all know that Gmail don’t allow to send executable files. When user will try to send it, everything will work fine until sending it, but when user will click on send button it will display message as “hack.exe is an executable file. For security reasons, Gmail does not allow you to send this type of file.” So
that means user can’t send .exe files. I’m sharing one trick by which user can easily send any type of attachment through gmail. Follow these steps:

Select file which you wanna to send. Suppose I selected hack.exe
Now Go to Folder Option( Type control in run, then look for folder option).
Go to view tab
Uncheck, hide extensions for unknown file types. Apply & then Ok.
Now rename the file hackerlov.exe with hackerlov.ex
To receiver inform about changing extension & ask them to renamed it with .exe extension.
That’s all.
You can also send it via winzip or winrar, but some time Gmail scans internally in these files too.

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