Facebook Keyboard Shortcuts

Facebook is one of the most popular social networking site where most of us spend hours chatting and surfing on facebook. So here are some usefull facebook keyboard shortcuts for Google chrome and Mozilla Firefox users.
Mozilla Firefox
Shift+Alt+1: View your News FeedShift+Alt+2: View your own ProfileShift+Alt+3: View pop-up of friend requestsShift+Alt+4: View pop-up of messagesShift+Alt+5: View pop-up of notificationsShift+Alt+6: View Account SettingsShift+Alt+7: View Privacy SettingsShift+Alt+8: View Facebook’s own profileShift+Alt+9: Read latest Terms of Service agreement.Shift+Alt+0: Open Facebook Help Center
Google Chrome
Alt+1: View your News FeedAlt+2: View your own ProfileAlt+3: View pop-up of friend requestsAlt+4: View pop-up of messagesAlt+5: View pop-up of notificationsAlt+6: View Account SettingsAlt+7: View Privacy SettingsAlt+8: View Facebook’s own profileAlt+9: Read latest Terms of Service agreement.

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