Facebook Messenger’s Hidden Chess Game

Every one of us today has a Facebook account, be it teen or an adult, everyone uses  it to chat with their friends, to get latest updates, to connect with new people, to play games on Facebook platform and the list is endless

We all know we can play games on Facebook, and it is kind of interesting to play, but did you know that you can play the game on Facebook with your friends during a conversation.

Today I Will post on How To  Play Chess With a friend  directly on Facebook Chat

You won’t need any additional software to play this game just a simple text will do the work

How To Activate Facebook Messenger’s Hidden Chess Game

  • Open the Conversation with whom you want to play the chess game
  • Then type the command ” @fbchess play ” (without quotes), a board will appear of chess, and your friend will play first

Facebook Messenger's Hidden Chess Game

Voila You Have Activated it successfully!

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Now You Might be thinking about How To Play Facebook Messenger’s Hidden Chess Game

  • So When Your turn comes select a piece  K for the king, Q for the queen, B for bishop, N for the Knight, R for rook, or P for the pawn.
  • Then add the letter and number representing to move on chess board

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For Example -: Type @fbchess Pe5 to move it to that space, if more than one piece can go there you will be asked on which one to move, and you can easily move your piece

If You want to play in a full view mode, then click on the “Settings” icon of you chat and “See Full Conversation” for better view

There are tons of games of chess which are far better than this, but by this, you can play game with your friends on one common platform known as Facebook

So With This, You can play chess game with your friends on Facebook

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