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facebook tricks

Hey am sorry for being late in delivering new post, but am back with a new and excellent article. In this post, I am going to share a list of 20 Awesome Facebook Tricks you must give a head shot.


I guess many people know about this trick, but those who don’t know, this one is for you.You may be wondering what a fake status means, as the name goes it is completely false

Steps to create FAKE STATUS UPDATE-:

  • Go to this website The Wall Machine
  • Connect your Facebook account you will get something like this

fake facebook status

Everything is customizable; you can add as many comments you want, and you can also modify who can comment (Example -: You can use Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates or even Abishiekh Jain :p ). You can change likes.I have customized a bit for myself.Here it is -:

fake facebook status update


fake facebook status update


These are two screenshots made from TheWall Machine, So What are you waiting for Head to The Wall Machine and start making it and prank with your friends :p



You can even create Fake Facebook Profiles like the fake status you’ve done earlier.some of the excellent features are you can save it with a password, and you can customize it whenever you want

For Creating a Fake Facebook Profiles:

fake facebook profiles


How to Unblock Blocked Friend Requests -:

Facebook will be more fun if there are no limitations, right? Facebook has a limitation of sending requests, after a limit, it blocks you from sending a friend request, but you can still send it by following this simple trick -:

  • Go To Facebook Click on “Forgot Password.”
  • Enter you email id and send a reset link
  • Reset your password from the link you got in your mail
  • Log in to your account with new password
  • Voila, Done. Your restriction has been uplifted, and you can enjoy sending friend requests again

How to Stop Getting Game Requests From Your Friends-:

I know that pain when you get Game requests of Criminal Case or Candy Crush.When you see you have got up a notification, you rush to see what is it, did someone tag you? Or someone posted something useful.NO, you get a game request, and you feel like What the hell? How to Block them? Here is a simple trick for you -:

  • Click on Settings
  • Click Blocking
  • You will find Block App Invites; you can prevent a user who regularly sends you Game requests ( You won’t be blocking him, but you will just block his game requests )
  • You can even Block Particular Apps, so no person can you send you that app invite.

blovking game requests

Now say Goodbye to all those requests 

Facebook I’d Verification Trick

Many people come across this when Facebook blocks them and asks for verification and most of you don’t want your proofs to be uploaded.The easiest way to get your id verified is submitting your proofs

But if you don’t want your documents to be uploaded online, you can use this trick it worked for me like a charm

  • Download TunnelBear or Hola
  • Change your location to Japan
  • Then login to your blocked Facebook Account and enter the captcha
  • You will see that you won’t have to do the picture verification instead of that you just need to verify your phone number
  • Just change Japan’s country code with yours, enter your number, you will receive the code, enter it and you are verified

I did it a couple of days ago, and it was working fine for me, comment below if it is working from your end or if you have some other trick do comment, and I would love to feature you


Enable Facebook Chat Heads In PC

Won’t be that cool if you had the chat head like in messenger on PC? Yes, I t can be done by just following a small trick

  • For that install a Chrome extension known as faces.im 
  • After installation click on the icon on your upper right corner make sure you are logged in to Facebook
  • Done, now you will get chat heads as you get in your messenger app

Disable Seen Feature On Facebook

Honestly, we had undergone many times when we wanted to ignore someone’s message.The problem in it is, when you see their message they get the SEEN mark and you ought to reply or else they might think you as rude, seeing the texts not responding them which makes more uncomfortable and we ought to answer every people then.Many people do tell me that if you don’t want to read the message then just ignore it, let it be, but the thing is you see there are lots of messages pending which look a bit of awful like 100 unread messages or close to that.So to hide this, you have to follow this small trick, I believe many are familiar with the method, but many won’t know it :p

  • Install the Chrome extension Facebook Unseen
  • You just need to click the icon after installing, you can either turn on or off by clicking the icon
  • After turning on, even if you read the messages, the sender won’t is notified that you have read it

Recover Facebook Deleted Messages, Videos, Photo, and videos  -:

It has happened a lot of time when we accidentally delete a message which is important, and we want it anyhow, but how? It is removed right 🙁 Wait, don’t be sad; you can recover the messages by just following this little trick -:

  • Log on to your Facebook account and navigate to General Account Settings

facebook general settings

  • Click on Download a copy of your Facebook data

facebook archive

  • You will get a page like above
  • Click on Start My Archive, and it will tell you to enter your password, enter it.
  • You will get mail (associated with facebook) shortly from Facebook with your archive, just download it
  • After downloading it, unzip the file, and you will see the folders of Messages, Photos ETC

PS -: It will be in HTML  file so double click it and it, will open in a browser 

Done and your recover back your messages, photos and almost everything which is on Facebook

Make your Facebook photo unclickable -:

Not everyone wants their Facebook profile photo clickable; there are many reasons for that such as No girl would like a boy to save her profile picture on his phone. Right so just follow this trick, and I hope it works!

  • Go to your profile and click the photos tab
  • Click on Albums > Profile Picture
  • Go to your current profile and adjust the privacy to “Only Me.”

Invite all your Friends to Like your Page in one click -:

You won’t have that much time to ask each friend to like your page manually. But we are in Generation of Code now, so we can invite all of our friends to like our page by a small code

  • Visit you facebook page
  • Select “Invite friends to like your page.”
  • Click all friends
  • If you in chrome then open Inspect element ( press F12 or Ctrl+Shift+I) For Firefox (Ctrl+Shift+K) and click on console and add this code
javascript:elms=document.getElementsByName(“checkableitems[]”);for (i=0;i < elms.length;i++){if (elms[i].type=”checkbox” )elms[i].click()};

Turn off Autoplaying of Videos -:

If you don’t like the videos being auto-played in your Facebook timeline then you can even turn it off , all you have to do is just

  • Go to your settings
  • Navigate to Videos which will be at last
  • There would be an option of autoplay, just turn it off.

facebook video autoplay

Facebook’s On This Day-:

It is not any trick, but it is an impressive feature which Facebook has developed. I personally love this, because it helps us to know what we have done on that particular date in past on Facebook since joined. The posts on “On this day” is only been viewable by you until you share it with the public. You too can access this feature by going to this link Facebook On This Day.

If in mobile click on the three line icon and scroll down

this post is incomplete

Download Facebook Videos-:

There are many videos on Facebook which are worth downloading, but you can’t download it. But from now on, you can download whichever video you like

For people using PC -:

facebook video downloader

  • Go to DownVids 
  • Copy the link of the video and paste it, you can even select which format you want your video to get downloaded. You can even convert the video to MP3

For Mobile Users-:

  • Download My Video Downloader
  • Connect you Facebook Account
  • Go to the video you want to download, click on it, you will get an option to download, just download it

Facebook Messenger Hidden Chess Game -:

Anyone here interested in Chess, if so then a great news for you, now you can play Chess with your Facebook friend while chatting, isn’t that cool? Want to play the game, just check my previous post on Facebook Hidden Chess Game

Flip Your Text Upside Down -:

Want to make your text look upside down? Here is a simple trick for you to do!


  • Go to FlipText
  • Type the text you want to get it flipped up
  • Copy the text and share it with friends

BTW Did you understand this text? -: ʇxǝʇ sıɥʇ puɐʇsɹǝpun noʎ pıp ʍʇq

Post Blank Status-:

fb blank status

It is one of the simple tricks ever. Just follow the below steps-:

  • Post something on Facebook, then immediately edit that and delete that text and save
  • Done, you posted a blank status


Send Money On Facebook

Yes, you can send money on Facebook too 🙂

money sending feature on facebook

But there are some certain guidelines to send money on Facebook You can send or receive money in Messenger if you and your friend:

Use Facebook Advanced Chat Section-:

Admit it, we have come across this many times when we didn’t want to talk to our mates or that chatterbox friend or even our Exes,but whenever we come online they get an online symbol that you are active and messages pops up, well now you can avoid it by adjusting Facebook messenger, so these people never see you online

  • Just Go to Facebook
  • In the Chat Section, you will see the “Settings” option
  • Click Advanced Settings
  • And now you can select people who can see you as online and can chat.
    Kind of cool, isn’t it?

facebook advanced chat section


How To Chat With A Bot On Facebook -:

This feature is for the people who are lonely and do not get any messages, they just login Facebook, and see no messages 🙁 that’s sad.Just Kidding 😛  But here is something good news for you.Now you can chat with Facebook Bots which is an excellent feature 🙂

Just update your messenger to the latest version from play store
Open Messenger > Click On Search Button
Type “Weather Bot” ( Without Quotes ) You will get a thumbnail looking like this

weather bot

Click on it, and Users can get weather statuses and forecasts through city names and zip codes.

Cool, isn’t it? Now you can get a list of bots from this website BotList
Why are you waiting ? Start Chatting 🙂 and get a ton lot of messages 😛

Going Live-:


You must have seen your favorite celebrity or some business person or your friend going LIVE. And it was so awesome, interacting with your friends and fans and even you wanted to go LIVE for a moment.
So here is how to go LIVE
Update Your Facebook App
Tap the “Live” icon, which looks like a human silhouette.

facebook live
Give the access to Facebook to use your Camera and Microphone
Press the Continue Button. Don’t worry you won’t get recorded by pressing the CONTINUE button. It will prepare your live video before going live 🙂
Now Choose the privacy,with whom you want to share your video ( which is live 😛 )
Write up a description if you want
Adjust your Camera
All set? Then Click on “GO LIVE.”

facebook live
Voila Done 🙂 You are live
Feeling like a celebrity right now?
Thank me Later 🙂

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Now here is something bonus for you one more trick in which you can be more productive which is to delete your Facebook Account and start working :p but before doing that try all the features mentioned above and an honest feedback will be appreciated. So here I wrap my post and if you have any more tricks just comment down or message me to get it posted on next series of Facebook Tricks

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