Freestyle Dash

Freestyle dash is a custom dashboard thats used on jtags. It can do multiple things such change the speed of the fans, shows you the temperature of the cpu , customise the colour of the led’s in the xbox and also allows easier access to emulators, homebrew and xbl arcade games through the dash menu and lots of other things.

It’s a great alternative to the standard dash and looks pretty sweet too. 

To put on your Jtag –

Make sure your USB is formatted to FAT32 before starting.

1. Have freestyle dash downloaded and copy the following files to your USB (FreeStyle, Source, Launch, and FSD Indexer.)

2. Take USB out of your computer and put it in the BACK USB port.

3. Boot up xex menu and go to your USB go to the launch file and copy “freestyle-usb”

4. Go to your HDD > HDD1 > content > 000000000000000 (16 0’s) > code999 and create a new folder named exactly – 00007000 then paste the freestyle-usb file into this folder.

Freestyle dash should now be on your jtag, you can boot it up at recent games in the game library.
If you need any more help regarding installing this or any other xbox related stuff .Feel free to ask .

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