How to Hack an Android SmartPhone?

Hack an Android Smartphone

How to Hack an Android SmartPhone? How to Hack my gfs Android Mobile? If you are looking for the above queries, then you are in the right place.There may be various reasons for you to Hack an Android Smartphone, like if you want to know what is your children texting to other friends, or what is you gf or friends texting about you to other and the reason is endless. So today at Hackers Den I will teach you How to Hack an Android Smartphone.

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How To Hack an Android Smartphone

To Hack an Android Smartphone, follow the below steps


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  •  Now take your girlfriend’s mobile for a minute and install that application in her mobile.
  •  Now here comes the tricky part, so you have to give some attention to it. Now the question is how to open the application? “There are two options one is apps, and another is the widget, so you have to go to the widget, there you will find DATA BACKUP so you have to drag and drop that application to the start screen, and this will open the application.”

So Voila You Have Successfully installed the application on you victims mobile

Now, How To Operate This App?

All you need to do is to open that application and enter your email address; that ’s it, and then the application will send all data to your account.
Step no. 6: Now the application will send your user id and password to your email id inbox. Using that user id and password you have to log into this Page
What Are The Details You can check on you victims phone
a). Contacts
b). Call logs
c). SMS
d). IMEI number
e). Battery status
f). Gps location


If You didn’t understand the steps mentioned above you can even have a look at the video the company has made on how to use the app Watch the Video Here

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