hack Window 7 password using free open source software called ophcrack.

 This hack
also works on Windows XP and Windows
Vista. So let get started.
Opcrack is an open source windows
password cracker based on rainbow tables.

It comes with Graphical user interface(GUI)
and runs on multiple platform such
windows, linux and mac. It allows you to
recover or hack windows password.
Before you start doing this you will need a
blank CD or DVD to burn the live image of
1. Download Opcrack Live Cd by Clicking
2. Download windows xp or windows 7
live cd depending on platform you are
wishing to hack. For example:
Windows 7 or Windows Vista:
Click on ophcrack Vista/7
Windows XP: Click on ophcrack
XP LiveCD.
2. Now burn the live image on to the cd.
3. Insert the disc into drive and restart you
4. If everything goes right you will see
screen like below.
5. After you see screen like above wait for
ophcrack to boot automatically or you may
press Enter to advance.
6. Now you will see several lines of code
printed on screen or they might disappear
very quickly (you dont need to worry about
7. Then you will see screen like below it is
ophcrack password recovering software. At
the Ophcrack screen it shows the
Administrator and Guest account. Notice the
word “ empty”. This means that if the
account is enabled you could log in without
a password.
PASSWORD because the hash table which it
needs is not available for free. But it does
show the NTLM hash.
9. Copy this hash value which is under NT
Hash field.
10. Navigate to https://crackstation.net/
which is an online hash cracking tool.
11. Type in the hash value you copied
down in Step 9, Enter the captche and click
on Crack Hashes.

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