Happy Birthday Hackers Den ~Journey of Three Years!

hackers den turns 3

Well, the date May 10, 2014, is a special date for me. Beginning of Hackers Den. The thing which gave me everything. The thing because of which what I am today. Yup, Hackers Den. Who knew it, by just proving my friend wrong, I could have created myself a successful platform. Everything happens for a reason.

Hackers Den completed three years of journey. Toast to the people who initially said me, this won’t run for long and will be shut down in just a month or two. It is three years and proudly running.

The three-year journey was impressive; I learned a lot of things, I networked with tons of people, Travelled many places alone, attended many conferences and meets. Failed a lot, learned a lot.

There were many ups and downs in this three-year journey; there were times when I was proud, there were times when I was broke down and depressed. Life taught me a lot in these three years.

I will be sharing what all I did in the year 2016 and early 2017. If you haven’t read about the second birthday of Hackers Den, then do checkout Happy Birthday Hackers Den!Journey Of 2 Years

Quick Information and stats

36 articles posted on Hackers Den from early 2016 to early 2017.
36 articles are very less; If I am correct, then I just posted three articles per month for a year. It was due to lack of time. I had my schools; I was studying in twelfth in mid-2016 due to which I was not able to concentrate on it much, then continuous exams, revisions :(. I was traveling many places to network. I was much occupied the previous year, which is the reason of fewer articles posted.

I was getting good traffic from organic search and Facebook as well. Hackers Den organic traffic is 74.6%, and rest is a combination of social, direct and referral traffic.

hackers den stats

Hackers Den moved to Digital Ocean from Milesweb. Thanks Rahul for getting things done. If you need any work related web speed optimizing do contact him, he is just mind blowing.

Hackers Den Facebook page has around 11000 likes.
My personal Facebook handle has around 6000 followers with 2200 friends.
My Facebook handle is Abishiekh Jain
Add me if you haven’t already.

I was not much active on twitter recently, but again am focussing on my twitter reach to grow it more. My twitter handle has around 7000 followers. If you use twitter, daily why not we get connected? My twitter handle is Abishiekh Jain

I got many messages asking my phone number, so I have updated that on my Facebook about section page, so you can grab it from there. And do Whatsapp me a text, so I can add you as well.

So these were some of the stats and quick information

What I did in the year 2016

Well, under this category I will list out the achievements, latest projects of mine, failures, disappointments, acquisitions and things like that.

Let’s start with disappointments and failures

What could be the most heartbreaking moment, when you were invited to two conferences abroad, but you couldn’t go any of them and miss a great chance to meet excellent professionals of the industry 🙁

Yup, I was invited to Affiliate World Conference in Europe, where, I got a free invite from them, but the problem was I didn’t have a passport 🙁
One of the heartbreaking moments, the ticket price was high, (45,687 if converted in Indian rupees) and I got it for free and had a chance to meet Neil Patel and many big shots of the industry over there but unfortunately couldn’t 🙁

I was invited to Inbound 2016 which was held in Boston, but couldn’t go due to same passport reason 🙁 I got a free ticket again and missed a chance to met Gary Vaynerchuk, and much more professionals in the industry 🙁
There were some issues going with my dad’s passport so that I couldn’t get it as am a minor (16-year-old)

My three other projects miserably failed as I didn’t promote well nor worked consistently 🙁 due to many reasons. I will soon share about it in my upcoming posts.

My event Speak Out which is going to held on May 20 in Chennai, was about to get canceled due to lack of time, communication, planning, and support.

I had no money at one time 🙁
(It’s not about the family issue or financial status, my family’s financial situation is good. No money means the money I earn online) Because I promised myself to spend my earned money on all my online stuff 🙁 I lost about $$$ when my AdSense was banned, broke and some startups failed miserably on which I invested money.All down.But I quickly regained it too <3
There were so many failure and downs, but I don’t know what kept up so good and it made me do all my work


This was the year where I brought gifts with my earned money for my Dad, Mom, and my Small sister on their birthdays! This was the year when I first time traveled on a plane alone <3
Blogging enabled me to travel to many places this year.

I was given various nicknames by many of my followers and loyal readers. Like The Google Boy, The Best Writer, AAA ( Awesome Amazing Abishiekh), Child prodigy, emerging blogger and much more. Thanks a ton for such lovely nicknames <3

I went to Google Office for a meeting on May 12, 2016, which taught me so many different things, and I networked with many Google employees, it was a great experience and beneficial to me till date <3.
I have written a complete 3000-word post on my personal blog but due to the recent change of hosting and no backup being made it disappeared. I lost more than 70 comments on it. Let me find if I have a backup to the post at least, so I can upload.
Then there was a blogger named Shubham, who is just a simple man and taught me various techniques on earning money online <3

abishiekh jain at google office

abishiekh at google office

abishiekh at google officeabishiekh jain at google officeabishiekh jain at google office

I was invited to the BlogX Event In Delhi on August 5, 2016, as a speaker. Thanks to Manoj and Manmeet paji for organizing such a beautiful event where I networked with all top persons in the blogging industry <3 which proved to be a business model to me!

I received an award for blogger of the year <3 Kudos!

abishiekh blogger of the year
Mr.Imran Uddin who was also present at the event, listened to my speech and was impressed by the way I did and did a post on his timeline about me and personally messaged me and invited to a hotel, for discussing on various money doing projects, with other top businessmen of the industry. I must say he is a humble guy and is very awesome who shared everything with me <3


abishiekh with imran uddin

abishiekh with imran uddin
Guys, you must read this interview. It is one of the best interviews I have ever given. Thanks for such great questions Soorya. He is a humble man and brilliant writer. I didn’t even know him, he commented on my some post and sent me a request, and by just accepting a request, I got an interview placed there, plus we both are going to launch few projects in which one is Speak Out. Remarkable man <3
Read My Interview from here Let’s Go For A Stroll With Abishiekh Jain

I Gave an audio interview in The USA blog talk radio show. What’s more needed in life :p. I was being called at 10:00 am in morning for the interview, just woke up from my bed and gave an interview in that state 🙁
Link -: Interview with 16-year-old Entrepreneur Abishiekh Jain

Featured at The Huffington Post twice. One in a roundup post and the other an interview. I was in the seventh sky when I got a call for an interview on it. It was an incredible experience. I drove a lot of traffic from it :p
Link -: Interview with the founder of Hackers Den a Young Blogger Named Abishiekh Jain

             Behind-The-Scenes: 130+ Experts Spill Their Productivity Secrets (Part 2)

Featured at WittyFeed. What’s more needed when you get featured at India’s top viral site. Thanks to Vinay Singhal for giving this opportunity and thanks, Cheryl John for the interview round
Link -: This 16-Year-Old Blogger Is Bringing Revolution In The Tech World

One remarkable thing happened where two youngsters were discussing my website unaware the founder is present there. I have posted that on Facebook, you can read my post from here Strangers are talking about your website in front of you!

I was at Google Office. Whoa. A dream come true. I was so mesmerized by being in it, that I didn’t clicked many pics of mine over there.

abishiekh jain at google officeabishiekh jain at google office

abishiekh jain at google officeI was featured at Harvard University. A university where many people dream of getting in and my poster was featured on the boards over there.

hackers den at harvard

hackers den at harvard

hackers den at harvard


Recorded two highest real times on Hackers Den Website *332 and *573

hackers den stats

hackers den stats

I gave many online interviews
Link -: Our Achievements
Ps -: Many links aren’t updated there 🙁 will update soon!

I was featured at BigStartups. One of the biggest portals of startups in India
Link -: In Interview with 16-year-old Abishiekh Jain, founder of Hackers Den

I was featured at Folks Biography. Whoa. Biography. Kinda Interesting. Thanks Neha 

Link -: Meet with 16 years Old Tech Teen Blogger Abishiekh Jain Founder of Hackers Den

My quotes got featured at Billionaire’s Sayings thrice <3

abishiekh jain quotes

abishiekh jain quotes

abishiekh jain quotes

abishiekh jain quotes

Updates Of Hackers Den-:

Hackers Den became ad-free. It was the hardest decision I took, and a big risk on my earning factor, but proved to be good for me! I don’t know whether from it or not; many other earning factors were opened for me

Hackers Den is going to start a donation box, where people can donate some amounts via paytm,mobiwik, bank transfer, cheques, etc. The reason is Hackers Den is entirely free, and it helps people learn everything for free! No hidden charges. So if people want to contribute, they can 🙂

Hackers Den started guest posting (No links allowed in post, but you can add your site link in author box).There are paid posts option available if you want a link from posts. Contact me via email [email protected] (the custom one is not working due to some issues) or via facebook

Hackers Den launched its group, where you can ask and get your queries solved.
Link to join Hackers Den Group

Future projects -:

I am writing my own book which will include my journey, motivation and how to start your shit and become one from zero. I have written about 12000 words till now.

I Partnered with Soorya and R.S Tamil Selvan to launch Speak Out. It is a blogging event which will be conducted on May 20, 2017, in Chennai. The speakers are Om Thoke, Gaurav Jaggi, Sudipto, Rachit, and Chirag. If you haven’t bought the tickets. Buy from here Book Speak Out Tickets Use the code LUCKY75 to get 75%off

I joined hands with Rupesh Salve, to start a secret project. He is so humble, knowledgeable and just awesome man I have ever met 🙂

Hackers Den is launching Youths, a social networking site connecting youths of India and making your voice heard in the billions.

Hackers Den was about to get sold -:

There were four proposals to buy Hackers Den
Thank God rejected all 4
The first for 980$, second was 1500$ (the first and second were from same buyers), and third was also 1500$
And the fourth was biggest 17000$, where I nearly sold it!est articles on Hackers Den.

Some of the best articles on Hackers Den

Deep web/Dark Web 
Top YouTube Tricks 
Facebook tricks 
Programming pros and cons 
The Ultimate Guide to be Anonymous 

So this year was ups and downs, and it is one of my best year <3. Learned a lot, traveled many places, attended many events, had been the speaker for many events, made $$$$, failed many times, rejected even this year. But cmon without rejections, you can never be successful! And I thank each and everyone who taught me various things. I not only learned to blog or sharpened my programming skills but also learned a few business tactics which proved to be beneficial to me. Completed about 15 books this year, will complete more upcoming year
This year I am going to launch two-three projects, achieve many milestones, earn $$$$$ and become an inspiration factors for others to follow!

Thanks to everyone for your love and support, which made Hackers Den and me running till date.
Many said I am fake, I am faking stuff, I am a kid, am ain’t earning, many said I couldn’t do anything, and here I am proving my fakeness, proving that am still a kid, proving that still am ain’t earning, proving that I can’t do anything!
I want guys who constantly says and challenges me the things I can’t do and working that thing out is the greatest pleasure. List more things I can’t do, and you will see a next post on how I proved it 🙂

Dream, Tune yourself, focus, try, try, try, fail, fail, fail, success. Repeat the process after completing it <3

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  1. Came from Quora. Glad to see you are still working on your strengths. God bless you and family, Abhishek! Waiting to see you be world’s top humblest and wealthiest programmer.

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