Happy Birthday Hackers Den!Journey Of 2 Years

2 Years!732 Days,17,568 hours,1054080 Minutes,63244800 Seconds:P  The date May 10, 2014, is very special for me as it is the beginning of Hackers Den.So today in this post I won’t be sharing any tricks or hacks, but I will be sharing the two-year journey of HackersDen.

Thanks to all my readers, my friends, made this, into a reality 🙂

So here we start the journey of Hackers Den

Like you, all guys might have read my interviews, in which I stated, who triggered me to start this?If you haven’t then had a look at the Achievements Section So it all started when I was in 6th standard, the boy who knew nothing about computers, the internet nor he knew how to download an app from play store :p but today he owns a site which is loved by many 🙂

My enemy triggered in me, that I can’t do anything in this world,won’t be useful in computers and all and that was time when I first opened my PC,you won’t believe me it took me about 30 minutes to create my first Gmail Account Thanks To My Jiaji who helped me in creating it, and that was the start of my learning .Learnt programming and hacking online, because no one was willing to teach me, Thanks to the internet who helped me, I learnt it all for free

I began spending more than 7-8 hours daily in front of computers which eventually degraded my academic performance, but in meantime, I was learning something cool.

Then after two successful years of learning (BTW AM STILL LEARNING ) I asked a Facebook page to acknowledge me as an editor, and they took me in, I started posting and got some decent acknowledgment, and then many people asked me to create my site

Beginning of Hackers Den

I created it on May 10, 2014, and I quit that page. I started posting on Hackers Den page and had no clue that I can earn online; I just wanted to post stuff for free to people.The main reason why I created Hackers den is, during my initial times no one was there to teach me, but I won’t let that happen to anyone else, I want everyone to get technology, programming, and hacking knowledge for free and make India a technology hub 🙂

Then one of my friends told me, why don’t you start your site if you have good knowledge in programming

I coded my site which looked decent; it was only a static homepage, unfortunately; I don’t have a screenshot of it.I coded the site and then wanted to upload on the web, so began searching for hosting plans but all were paid, and then I searched FREE HOSTING and got a ton of results, chose 000 web host uploaded my files, but it was on subdomain , said so I realised I need to get a domain too I searched domain names, and it was paid ( I thought it was free :p ) searched FREE DOMAINS, got dot.Tk website, I was amazed to see a site offering free domains :p

What I searched for hackersden.tk wasn’t available, so I registered a new domain name which was welcometoworldofhackers.tk, very long name indeed :P. It was just a static website.Many told me to stop posting on page and post on your site, they told me to get in blogger, QUALITY, stuff, so created my site on blogger.com redirected welcometoworldofhackers.tk to it and stuff, didn’t have any knowledge about SEO, QUALITY, NOTHING ,you might be laughing to see earlier posts you will be laughing so badly.Wait I have a screenshot of it


And I continued posting this low-quality stuff for more than six months 🙁 Many people told me that your site name is too long for us to remember but ignored it as I didn’t bother to change one.Then one of my friend Abhijit came and said me that big rock is offering free .net domain sale, So I rushed there and looked upon welcometoworldofhackers ( and then I remembered the words of people who said its too big ), so I typed hackers ,it wasn’t available,then typed hackersdenabi and purchased it 🙂 hackersdenabi.net was successfully registered , even brought a personal domain for myself which is www.abishiekhjain.net

Many People asked me to join Hackers Den, and I was getting a good response, and then Ravindra wanted to join Hackers Den, he was very passionate enough and showed a lot of dedication.He used to be a part of everything I start.He is simply an awesome man having the same vision which am having 🙂

Hackers den was on blogger platform for one year and eight months.

I didn’t want to move it to WordPress under hosting which will cost me every year and prices were high for me because I wasn’t earning.

Later many people told me to post high-quality content, said me about SEO and all, and I started learning all these 🙂 So I concentrated much on that, and it helped me a lot ranking in Google and getting good traffic


How much I earned online -:

I wasn’t earning anything from Hackers Den for one year and six months; I was earning nothing.Ads were on my site but was getting little clicks. I started writing posts for other people, and it got me decent money to renew my domain, but I quitted writing for others after getting 700 to renew my domains.Then something happened,I met a person whose name is Salman through Ravindra, Salman was impressed by site, and he was ready to join in it , and he explained me that am not using site to full potential, nd he opened me the gate for making money online,we began an advertising section and Salman brought me in with some sponsored posts,and I started earning from Sponsored Posts, reviews 🙂

I even began to flip the sites.The first site I flipped was with Salman, who fetched us 1.5k for the site which wasn’t doing much good.It was an event blog 🙂

The second site I flipped was a status site which gave me a whooping of 12,000 and it gave me the confidence

Whenever these happy moments strikes up, a sad moment does come which was Hackers Den was banned from Google Adsense, I received the mail on 15th April 2016 @1 am

Which was terrible news for me?Lost 140$ in it, I was shocked, and when I posted online there were many blogs which lost more than 1000$ (felt relieved :p )

Lesson Learnt -: Never be dependent on Adsense income

But I earned a decent amount of money online.Recently Hackers Den has become AdFree so no more annoying ads will bother you.You can check all the recent updates done by Hackers Den at Tracklogs

Hackers Den shifted to WordPress on February

Yup, after some earnings in my pocket, I decided to move Hackers Den to WordPress, Hackers Den is currently is hosted on Milesweb which is the best hosting I have ever seen till now.they are there 24*7 for all your queries

Sign up for MilesWeb now

During the migration faced a lot of issues, but thanks to Rahul who took care of all technical aspects when I was outside with my family or friends 🙂 Thanks Rahul

The Most Viewed Content on Hackers Den is -:

  1. How To Access Blocked Websites

  2. Founder Of Hackers Den, Quits

  3. How To Transfer Internet Data

  4. End To End Encryption- A Complete Guide

  5. How To Make A Dangerous Virus

  6. How To Hack an Android Smartphone

  7. Programming- Pros And Cons

  8. How To Restrict Children From Watching Porn Online

  9. Hidden Features of Android, You Didn’t Know

  10. How to Find Lost Android Phone


Achievements Of Hackers Den-:

Founder of Hackers Den Abishiekh Jain was recently interviewed at BigStartups.in

Ravindra Solanki Being Interviewed At OdnEvn

Abishiekh Jain Getting Interviewed In USA Blog Talk Radio

There are many more achievements which you can see in the Achievements Section

Updated List Of Our Members-:

  1. Ravindra Solanki
  2. Salman Noorani
  3. Rahul Kumar
  4. Kevin Somani
  5. Rohan Om
  6. Sakib
  7. Tyler Martinez
  8. Jugal Soni
  9. Aayush Gupta
  10. Amit Yadav
  11. Venu Sudha
  12. Shreya
  13. Jack Carno
  14. Shubham
  15. Medha

Here what Kevin Says about Hackers Den


Here is What Amit Has To Say-;

Screenshot (28)


Here is what Sakib has to say-:

Here is what Rohan Om has to say-:

What Venu has to say -:

What Ravindra Has To Say -:

The post is big you can check the complete post here Complete Post Of Ravindra

What Aayush Has To Say -:

If Hackers Den has become successful, then it is just because of our readers and team members who brings out new methods to enhance Hackers Den. I sometimes feel that if Hackers Den wasn’t there, what would I be doing ? sitting down and watching TV or just hanging around,b ut thanks to Hackers den, take making my time more useful and even learning to take responsibilities , managing my time getting a leadership quality too :p by leading a team :p

On  this special occasion we have introduced a giveaway, don’t forget to take part in it 🙂

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  1. Gr8 work Abishiekh and other members who supported him while he was finding ab way to earn from his site!

    An awesome journey!
    Carry on!
    For sure…..I bet this site will reach great heights one day!

  2. CONGRATS Man! Keep going like this and one day u will achieve your dream ! Great team @ hackers den !

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