TOP Hidden Google URLs and Internal Chrome Pages

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Hey, Guys, I am back with a new post titled Some of the Hidden Google URLs. I am so sorry for the late post, was struck in exams, and other meetups and projects. So without wasting time, let us start it.
Google stores all your data privately, and it is true that “Google knows you much better than your mom.”
In this post, you will get to know about secret Google URLs ( technically you didn’t even hear of), what Google knows about you, internal pages of chrome and stuffs like that! So let’s start

Weird Hidden Google URLs

Google Teapot

google teapot

It is nothing but a page displaying a teapot and cup, by clicking on teapot it fills the cup, and by clicking on the container, it empties the tea. Weird and useless, but I bet many of you didn’t know that.Visit Google Teapot

Google Killer Robots

google robot txt

It was the 20 year anniversary of the robots.txt file. The new Google Easter Egg robots.txt was uploaded, on the anniversary of the Robots.txt file. T-1000 and T-800 (as shown in the picture) are the different versions of Terminators for the movie series; The Terminator is telling these two killer robots to not kill the Google founders, Larry Page and Sergey Brin. Now Larry & Sergey are safe enough. Visit Google Killer Robots

Important Google URLs to be known

In this section, will list out important Google URLs one has to know and what information of your does Google stores.

Google For Developers

Google For Developers

Are you a developer, coder, programmer or whatever related to coding then this website is for you, I am pretty sure many know about this, but if not, then this site features a variety of products for developers. Visit Google For Developers

Create a new account with same email id

Create a new account with same email id
Create a new account with same email idI don’t know much how it works, but you can try it by experimenting by yourself.
Usually, to create a new account, we need to use a new email username option, but by this link, you can create a new account with same email id. Visit Sign Up Without Gmail

Google Alerts

google alerts

This service by Google enables you to get email alerts of any company or product you want to know. It has been very useful for me to know the latest updates/news/stock prices about the companies I follow.Visit Google Alerts

Google Takeout

google takeout

You can practically download all your data. Sounds weird, but its true, now you can download all your data associated with Google such as your blogs on blogger, photos, Gmail messages, Searches, and even your YouTube videos, Whoa! Visit Google Takeout

Google Security

google security

You can change your password, recovery email, recovery phone number, secret questions, approve sign-ins and what more in just one single place. Visit Google Security

Google Fonts

google fonts

A great collection of Google fonts at one place which can be useful, if you need to integrate it into your website or some product.You can easily import these fonts to your site.Visit Google Fonts

Google Enterprise Search

Google Enterprise Search helps employees and customers find what they need, fast. It’s easy to use and manage so you can put your data back to work. Visit Google Enterprise Search

Google’s why we sell advertising and not search results page gives honest result

Google’s Data

Google’s Data contains the financial data of Google, Founders letters over period of years, press release webcast and latest news of Google

Google Press

Not many know this, but yeah it is a Google press release page, it even contains a feed in which you can stay up to date with the latest news of it. Visit Google Press 
Now the next two is going to scare you off, that how Google keeps track of your every move, I repeat EVERY

Google My Activity

Google My Activity

In this, you will find all the activity done by you. ALL THE ACTIVITY. Right from calling a person to using some app or listening some songs or searching some query, it records everything with date and time mentioned (any device in which your Google account is signed in) damn 🙁 See Your Google Activity

If you want anonymous vpn service then do visit NordVPN. It has double data encryption with lightning speed, with one of the best support team ever.

Maps – Location History

Maps - Location History

Maps - Location HistoryIn this, you will see all the places you traveled till now, with date and time traveled with full accuracy. I went to Delhi for Blogx conference and below is a screenshot attached of 6th August, the places I visited, How much kilometers I traveled and in which mode of transportation I traveled. Freak. See your Location History

There are many hidden Google URLs which are removed from the public view (due to reasons). If you want to know which of the URLs are removed from public view, then you can visit these sites

Google’s secret and/or forgotten places

Google’s 56 forgotten (secret) pages, part two

SPDY is an open specification networking protocol that was initially developed by Google for transporting web content. Visit construe for spdy protocol  to know more about it

Hidden Features in Chrome Browser

We thought that only had hidden URLs but NO wait, even the Chrome browser has many hidden internal pages which you even have heard.
The inner pages of chrome contain experimental and diagnostic tools
To find these internal pages, you need to type chrome:// followed by the page in the URL box


This page displays all internal pages hidden in chrome like chrome://bookmarks or chrome://extensions and kinds of stuff like that which can be accessed directly by clicking on it
We will discuss some of the special internal pages listed in about page of chrome, so Let’s start


This page will display the cache of recent websites you visited


This page will display your Bluetooth internals


This page will display the devices with which your PC is paired with


This page lists all modules loaded into the main process and modules registered to load at a later point.


This page only shows information on your recent crashes if you enable crash reporting.


This page displays credits given to the products developed by the Google and other companies for the Google



It is the most interesting internal page and it contains a function which is not enabled by default and Google warns you pretty well that incorrect using these services may result in loss of data, security, and privacy. Use it at your own risk.


This internal page of Chrome helps you to inspects the pages, apps, extensions, devices, etc. in the browser


Much needed, this internal page will let you know exactly how much chromes uses your memory. It shows how much does the web page, an app or an extension is using the memory

Personally I love these URLs, it is fun typing in and seeing it crash,hang. It is fun

abishiekh jain favourite urls

So here we conclude the post, we use Google every day just to search our query but never went down so deep. We thought the Internet is a safe place, but it knows us more than our parents. So if you liked this post, do share it with your friends, parents, boyfriends/girlfriends, neighbors, strangers anyone :p if you know any more hidden URLs then do comment below.

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