How To Hide Secret Text Behind Image Using Steganography


Do you ever want to know how to hide secret data in image, audio and video files? Well, in this post-Myself and Venu will introduce to you a concept called Steganography using which, it is possible to hide your secret information in an image, video, or audio files. At the end of this post, you can also download free steganographic tools and start protecting your data.

Steganography, from the Greek, means covered or secret writing, and is a long-practiced form of hiding information. Although it is related to cryptography, they are not the same. Steganography’s intent is to cover up the existence of the message while encryption scrambles a message so that it cannot be understood. More precisely,

the goal of steganography is to hide messages inside other harmless messages in a way that does not allow any enemy to even detect that there is a second secret message present.”

Steganography is a form of security through uncertainty, and it includes a vast collection of methods for protecting messages in a variation of media. Among these methods are invisible inks, microdots, digital signatures,  and much more. Today, thanks to modern technology, steganography is used to text, images, sound, signals, and more.

The advantage of steganography is that it can be used to transmit messages secretly without the fact of the communication being seen. Often, using encryption might identify the sender or receiver as somebody with something to hide.

In fact, it is a standard method to encrypt the hidden message before placing it in the cover message. However, the secret message doesn’t need to get encrypted for qualifying steganography. The message itself can be in plain English and still be a secret message . Visit this website for more information about Click Here

Concept of steganography

Concept of staganography


  • Secure Private File and Document.
  • Hide Password and Encryption key
  • Sharing Confidential Data
  • Secure Communication



  1. Manually
  2. using Softwares


To hide a file behind an image file which means that if anyone opens that image, he will see the picture only but if you open in a particular way then you can open the hidden file behind the image

image stganographyaREQUIREMENTS:-

  • TEXT FILE(which you want to hide)


  • Select a picture to be used for hiding the file behind the image i.e., order.jpg.
  • Now select text file to hide behind the image i.e., secret.txt
  • And most important is that paste both the files on the desktop and run the following command on the command prompt.

Copy /b  order.jpg + secret.txt =any.jpg


To recover hidden message  Open any.jpg in text editor at last, we  will get hidden message



There are two methods for detecting steganographically-encoded data:-

1. Visual steganalysis

2. Statistical steganalysis

While using the visual method we compare a copy of the source file with the suspect file by running a hash against the file of origin and checking that it matches the hash on the suspect copy.

In Statistical Steganalysis, because the cover text has to be changed to store the hidden data, there are normally detectable signs within the cover texts usual characteristics that can be used to reveal the hidden message. For example, when running a histogram on an image, there should be random spikes, but if the histogram is flat or has one massive spike, then the image make likely to have hidden information in it.


  • Select a picture you want for hiding file behind the image.
  • Encrypt text using
  • Now select text file to hide behind the image
  • Paste encrypted text in the secret file.
  • And most important is that paste both the files in the same directory and run the following command on the command prompt

                     Copy /b order.jpg + secret.txt =any.jpg


encription of messageEncripted message


Decrypt md5  hash from here:-


encoding decodingencoding decoding stegnography



  • Hard to detect and only the receiver can detect.
  •  It can be done faster with large no. of software.
  • It Provides better security for sharing data in LAN, MAN & WAN.


The algorithms maintain the confidentiality of information, and if the algorithms are known then, this technique is of no use.


  •  Xiao Steganography – Its, a free software which can be used to hide secret files in WAV files or BMP images. Use of the device is easy, just open the software, load any BMP image or WAV file to its interface and add a file, which you want to hide. It also supports encryption algorithms like RC4, Triple DES, DES, Triple DES 112, RC2 and hashing SHA, MD4, MD2, MD5.To read the hidden message from this file, you will need to open the software again, it will read the file and will decrypt the hidden file or message from it. You cannot extract the hidden file from any other software.To Download Xiao Steganography, Click on Download This Tool.

Download This Tool

  • Image Steganography-: It is a free software for hiding text message or files inside a picture file. Just select the source file in which you want to hide the secret message, and then choose the file to hide or write the text message to disappear. Choose the image output location and then click on start button to start encoding the data. The encoded image will have the secret message inside the picture. You can use the decode option of the same tool to decode the hidden file or message from the picture.To Download Image Steganography, Click on Download This Tool.

Download This Tool


  •  SteganographX Plus-: SteganographX Plus is another small tool (only 496 KB in size) that lets you hide your confidential data inside a  BMP image. It also does not need any installation. It is simple and is easy to use.To Download SteganographX Plus, Click on Download This Tool.

Download This Tool 


At its simplest level, Steganography is the art of hiding secret messages within the structure of another media.   While criminally-minded people or organisations can also use it for underground, illicit and deliberately secret communication.

A New York Times article on October 30th, 2001 claims that a French Defence Ministry official corroborated that Jamal Beghal (a terrorist suspect) used the technique of steganography to plan a failed bombing attempt of the US Embassy in Paris earlier in the year (Kolata, 2001)

Another disadvantage of steganography is the limitation of size and protection. You usually have to send much more padding around your secret text so that your hidden text doesn’t stand out. If you’re only sending something simple like GPS coordinates or an email address, that’s fine. But if you have a long document like a book or some big documents that you want to hide with steganography, it’s pretty hard. And then there’s the protection factor: typically secrets that are protected by steganography are not protected by anything else. If no one sees it, it’s safe. If they see it, though, it’s game over.

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