Hike Double Recharge trick

To get the double recharge you should have earned some money from Hike- an app which ofers free talktime. You can also read How to earn in thousands from hike.
Well..! Lets begin.
So now you have some amount to be redeemed in in your Hike rewards section and you want to make it double in no time. So friends you are at right place. Just follow the below instructions to get your mobile a double recharge(or may be even three times!).
The trick is very simple. The moment you recharging your mobile by entering some amount. You press the redeem button, and you get recharged. Your Hike app sends signals via internet to their server and it contacts with paytm(online recharge website) server to recharge your mobile and then again paytm sends signals to Hike server about the successful recharge.
These all things occur in seconds. Now think what if you stop the signals of successful recharge sent by paytm to Hike. Your amount mentioned in Hike rewards section will not be deducted and hence you can redeem/recharge again. If you are using a very fast net connection like3Gor superfast wifi its difficult to get this trick working for you. But what if you are using a64kbps or 32kbpsinternet connection. For ex:2Ginternet packs. They all offer bandwidth speeds around the above mention values. In the case your internet connection offers128 kbps(most common) dont worry you can use this trick in peak timings i.e. when more people are using and when your internet is slow. Only think you have to do while redeeming is off your internet connection as soon as you press redeeem button and reconnect after half an hour. This will stop further communication with the server but since signals are already sent to paytm servers you will get a recharge but your rewards section will show the same amount. Isnt that cool…!! You can use this as many times as you can. This trick successfully worked for me. I rechargesRs 120three times. Even my friend redeemedRs 50two times. I hope you people also get it right and recharge more no of times, eventually breaking my records!. Happy earning friends.

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