How to Access Blocked Websites Without Any Software

How to Access Blocked Websites

-Hey guys am back with this new post on How to Access Blocked Websites

We have almost gone through this situation, as our favourite website or app has been stuck in our colleges or the place we work, not only in our universities or our workplaces but eventually in our whole countries, like Facebook the favorite social networking giant is still blocked in China, North Korea, Cuba and many other nations,and WordPress is banned in Pakistan and many such websites banned in various countries.

So this post is for them who wants to know How to Access Blocked Websites

How to Access Blocked Websites

There are many ways where you can visit the sites blocked, so in this post I will list —- ways on  How to Access Blocked Websites

1) Start By Simple Method

If a website is not opening in your college or workplace then just add “https://” instead of “https://” This small trick doesn’t work everywhere but giving a shot isn’t any harm 🙂

 How to Access Blocked Websites

                                                                                               Just Click On More And Proceed Anyway

If you get the SSl Error that the website inst trusted, just clicked on Proceed Anyway Button


2)Use IP Instead Of the URL

Sometimes the blocked sites in our colleges or workplaces are stored as URL’s and, not as IP’s like, just by typing the IP of the domain in your browser may open up the site, Like the IP Address of is

It is easy to find an IP of the domain, just go to CMD, type ping “your domain” ( Without Quotes ) like ping and you will get the IP Address of the domain or else just check the screenshot below

 How to Access Blocked Websites

Now just go to your browser and type that IP and your site will be loaded.This can work sometimes 🙂

3) Redirection With Short URL Service

How to Access Blocked Websites

You can access the blocked websites by sometimes converting the banned URL into a shortened link, with short URL services you might sometimes bypass the site

You can use shortened URL services like MooUrl

4) Use Proxy Website

How to Access Blocked Websites

A proxy website is an intermediary between the user and server site, proxy website hides the blocked site from the Internet Service Provider (ISP) and allows you to access blocked websites.

Just go to Google Search and type proxy websites, you will get lots of sites, site and just select anyone and input the URL of the site and voila you have accessed it

However, if your institution blocks even this site, then you can navigate to a least popular proxy website to use as they won’t block each and every proxy website.

Visit Anonymster, a proxy website for proxies 🙂

5) Use Google Translate

How to Access Blocked Websites

You may think I am sounding crazy like how you can access blocked website using google translate? But yeah, you can do it, most of the colleges or the places where you don’t ban Google Translate

Head To Google Translate > Type the URL which is prohibited > Convert it to your desired language > You can access the site 🙂

Google Translate might not translate dynamic website such as Facebook or YouTube, for that use the tricks as mentioned earlier or follow the next one

6) Use Extensions

How to Access Blocked Websites

To access the country blocked site you can install some browser extensions like Hola or Zenmate which can access almost all sites

Hola has introduced Hola Luminati, which is meant for business, you don’t need that, you can use standard Hola as it supports plenty of features with almost all Countries

whereas Zenmate comes with Free as well as Premium version

The Free version includes only four countries and Premium version includes 20 countries

Premium Version starts from 8.99 Euros per month

If You need premium version of Zenmate, Contact me with your email and password of Zenmate, and I will get you the premium plan for free

[contact-form to=’[email protected]’][contact-field label=’Name’ type=’name’ required=’1’/][contact-field label=’Email’ type=’email’ required=’1’/][contact-field label=’Website’ type=’url’/][contact-field label=’Comment’ type=’textarea’ required=’1’/][/contact-form]


7) Setup Proxy Server Using IP Address

You can search online for some free IP addresses, after getting one you need to configure in your browser

For Google Chrome

Go To Settings > Show Advanced Settings > Network > Add VPN > Add it And Click Ok > You Done

For Mozilla Firefox

Click on Tools > Options > Advanced > Network > Settings > Manual Configuration > Enter the IP Address and port number > Save

Remember Put The Bypass Proxy Under HTTP Proxy 🙂

So here we come to an end of the post on the topic How to Access Blocked Websites.These are 7 top tricks which you can use and bypass almost all websites

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  1. The main problem of using ZenMate is that it allows only 7 days of free version. After 7th day you have to upgrade to paid version. I think the best way of accessing any blocked website in to use “Hide-My-IP” extension. It is working perfectly.

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