How to add Xex Menu to your Jtag.

You can add it to your jtag using an Usb, Transfer Cable or DVD. For USB – 
1. Make sure your USB is formatted on your xbox (Go to system setting, memory and select your usb and it will prompt you to format). Make sure the USB has no data on it as it will be wiped once formatted.
2. Plug your USB into your computer.

3. Create a folder called content on your USB, within that add another called 0000000000000000 (16 0’s).
4. Insert the Xex Menu file ( CODE999) Into that folder.
5. Take out your USB and place it in your jtag.
6. You can then copy it over to your HDD on your jtag
7. It should be ready to run, look under recent games under game library failing that try pressing the center button on your controller (X), and look under quick launch and recent games.
Transfer Cable Basically the same as the USB method but you insert the CODE999 (xex menu file) in partition 3 > content > 000000000000000 You can do this by using xplorer360 or Xport 360.1. Burn the CODE999 (xex menu file) to your disc
2. Take out the disc and insert it on your jtag
3. Run Xex Menu from the DVD, under the device tab/directory find your DVD then copy the CODE999 file into the partition 3 > content > 00000000000000 It should now be on your HDD. –


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