How to Break Mac Filtering

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THIS IS FOR EDUCATIONAL PURPOSES ONLY.I do not recommend bypassing your dad’s “firewall” and I do not recommend accessing anyone’s computer without their knowledge.Now let’s cut the legal crap and begin… The way MAC address filtering work is this: Your dad(step dad) entered into Wi-Fi routcer and specified that only specific MAC addresses can connect to it.These authorized MAC addresses
belong to the computer that he and other family members use so the only way you can spoof the router is by cloning the MAC address of one of the computers that other family members use.You will need a direct physical access to one of those computers,go inside CMD and check the MAC.Write it down and use your spoofing software to clone it. Keep in mind that once you connect to router and if your dad tries to connect to network at the same time, you will BOTH lose access to internet due to MAC collision so your dad will have to reset the router.After the reset, it will still not work so your dad will buy a new router….and of course it won’t work because the problem is not within the router,it’s within your MAC address similarities. So….you’ll waste a lot of money here and you still won’t have access to internet. I would like to help you but in this case you just have to get over it I guess.He has more authority and capabilities than you and as I understand he is a tech-savvy person.Don’t try to fool him.

By Abishiekh Jain

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