How to Crash Whatsapp New Trick Updated !!!

Do you want to crash your friends WhatsApp just for fun ?
If yes , continue reading , you are in for a treat.
If no , still read its fun!
Its Christmas and surprises are always around the corner , this is the surprise that i got.
An amazing opportunity to give that gift to all the friends whom you missed for Christmas!
Crashing WhatsApp messages have been around in the past , but this time its much much easier !All you have to do is send  some smiles to the victims phone , 2000 to be specific .And boom , there you have it a crashed WhatsApp !

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For crashing someone’s WhatsApp , first you need to login to the web interface , WhatsApp Web
Once you have logged in ,
What you need to do is very simple just pick a smiley of your choice , type that smiley face for about 2000 – 3000 times.
By this time your browser will appear slightly stuck , but it will recovery very soon , only the WhatsApp web page will be affected In a couple of seconds , the page will be back to normal and the message will be sent to the victim.
As soon as the victim opens your message , their whatsapp will crash and burn , the only solution to recover from this ambush is to delete the malicious message the next time they open WhatsApp.
Imagine posting this message in groups you really don’t like , think about all the fun.
Merry Christmas people , give your friends the Xmas gift they deserve!
Yes I have tried so many things before posting this trick Publically got banned for 48 hrs too
Breached so many things Even if u r using high end device then ur WhatsApp will crash too if u dont believe try ur luck
Have fun have blast this new year
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Thanks All for Reading this
Merry Xmas and Happy New Year 😊

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