How to Easily Root Galaxy S3 I9300 on XXUGNA8 Official Android 4.3 Firmware

 From here you need to download the root package. (
Save the file on your computer, preferable on desktop.
Then, download Odin, unzip it and install the program.
Unzip the root file on the same folder as Odin.

Use Samsung KIES for flashing the Galaxy S3 drivers, in case you don’t have the drivers already installed on your computer.
Run Odin on your PC.
Turn off your phone as download mode must be entered.
For download mode press and hold Volume Down, home and Power buttons at the same time.
Up next, connect your Android smartphone with your computer.
Now Odin will try to recognize your phone; if everything works as expected on Odin the “added” message will be displayed. Also the ID:COM will turn yellow or blue.
If not, you will have to resolve the problem by closing Odin, unplugging the USB cord and re-flashing the drivers on your computer – then retry the root operation.
From Odin you need to select the “PA” option.
Then you have to pick the root package from desktop.
Next, (without making any other changes on the program) click on “start”.
Your Galaxy S3 I9300 on Android 4.3 XXUGNA8 will be rooted.
The process will be over when on Odin the “pass” message will be displayed. Also, now the ID:COM will be green.
You can unplug the USB cable and reboot your phone as you are done.
Congratulations; you have finally succeeded in rooting your Samsung Galaxy S3 I9300. So now you have unchained the XXUGNA8 Android 4.3 Jelly Bean official firmware which means that you can consider in tweaking your Android smartphone; you can update with a custom ROM or perform other complex operations, though each time you will have to use compatible tutorials, just like the present one. So, how things worked for you? Is everything running as expected? Don’t hesitate and share your experience with us and with other users who might want to root their handset by using the comments field from below.

1 thought on “How to Easily Root Galaxy S3 I9300 on XXUGNA8 Official Android 4.3 Firmware”

  1. Unfortunatelly it doesn't work. Or in other words it works but with no effect.
    I tried it several times. Everything seams to go OK. Package seams to load to phone. The SU apps are installed but the phone is not rooted. Everywhere i searched trough forums and tutorials there are similar posts but no answers what to do next.
    In fact I found no post telling that anyone succeded with this…

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