how to hide Text Message in any image file.

Hi Guys. 
This is an awesome trick and very easy one
too. IF you wish
to send a text message to you friends
privately or you
yourself want to hide a text message in

image file then this
article will help you a lot.
After hiding the message in a image file
there will be no
damage to the file just the size of the file
will increase a
So lets check how it is done.
First of all open run and type cmd., click
enter. This will
open Command promt.
Now you have to navigate to the folder
where you have
copied the files(1 .jpg file and 1 txt file
which contains your
For example, if your files are in “D” drive,
then after
opening cmd, type, D: and hit enter, now you
are in your d
drive, now if your folder name is Photos then
type “cd
photos” (without quotes) now you are in
photos folder.
Now main step. Type this command after
navigating to the
copy /b imagefilename.jpg + textfilename.tx
Type the exact code, but dont forgot to
replace the few
words, imagefilename.jpg with your image
file name and
with proper extension, textfilename.txt with
your text file,
outputimagename.jpg your output image
name, use
whatever you want, but remember to use
right extension.All
done by now your message has been hiden in
you image
and a new folder will be created in the same
folder with the
name you wrote in place of outputimagename
As everything is done by now. you must be
thinking how to
view the message now.
dont worry we will see that too. its very
simple .
You just have to open the output file with
notepad, scroll
down to the bottom. check the last line.
you message will be displayed there.

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