Hello Guys, today I am going to share a trick about  how to lock someone’s facebook account !Yes you read right you can  block anyone’s facebook account .
Are you excited to lock friend’s or enemy’s facebook profile? then you are at right place! In this article I’m sharing a secret trick with you guys How to  Lock anyone’s Facebook Account.


  •  Source to contact the victim(whatsapp,hike,sms etc excluding facebook)
  •   Clever mind to trap the victim

Now follow below Steps:-                                                      
Trapping the victim

Send the below URL to your friend and ask him to comment that anywhere on facebook
but make sure that he dosen’t doubt on you. (e.g hey friend comment this url  anywhere  in comment box and  see magic 🙂 )


Note You can’t send this code to him on facebook as it does not allow the circulation of this code.
 So you need an another source to contact the victim (i.e whatsapp) .But don’t worry if you don’t have another way to contact friend or  victim  .Then follow below trick.

Add space or dot between this URL before sending to your fiend or victim else your account will be locked! Just add space or dot or anything  in the URL (i.e https://  34255353309 or https://#34255353309)and ask your friend to remove that space or dot or # whatever before commenting on facebook!
Now see what will happen If He/she comment that code.
Cheers!Yod did It… 🙂

 After that A message box will apear about locking of the account.
 After that he/she will need to verify his/her identity through a security check.
 Many Fake user fail to pass the security check which will lead to permanent locking of the account.

 Note: Never try this on your own account as you many not be able to recover your account.
 This post intended for educational purposes only. We are not responsible for any misuse of the trick.                                                                                                                                                       

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