1) PHISHING – always check the url before logging in this is best way to avoid phishing 2) KEYLOGGING – In this type of attack hacker send a infected file having keylogger , if victim exicute or run the file then whatever it types will be send to hckers server thus this is dangerous to bank credentials sltn – use online scanner like no or use good antivirus and update it regularly
3)TROJAN / BACKDOORS – ye thoda advance level ka h In this hacker send a infected server if victim exicute that server it creates a backdoor then he can do any thing with your computer sltion – use online scanner novirusthanks.orgor a good antivirus 4)SNIFFING – IT consist of stealing sessions wchich are in progress , in this hacker makes connection with server and client and continues the session or messaging ,thus make to believe that client is talking directly soltion -1. use always secured ssl connection 2.always have a look in url if https:// is not changed to https:// then sniffing is active 5) SESSION HIJACKING – in this hacker steals cockies wchich contain all login informations use secured ssl connection and https:// is not changed to https:// then its session hijacking 6) SOCIAL ENGEENRING – it is done by fooling client to give password so dont give pass to any or share it in fb messages thanks baad me aur btaunga


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