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How To Make An Android App For Free!

how to make an android app for free

Everyone wants to make an app for his or her company or project ,but when you browse plans or hire an app developer then it’s too costly for you to build just a single normal app, like if you want to make an app convert your website into mobile app for better viewability for users then you have to pay more than 100$ for the app developer or the app making company just to make a simple app There are many mobile platforms available on How To Make An Android App For Free — quickly, and with no coding knowledge required.

So Today I will show you How To Make An Android App For Free

So Let’s begin with making our first android app for free

Today I am going to show you how to build your first Android app using MIT app inventor. We can do this in simple steps. today we will create an app “talk to me”, by clicking once you can speak to your phone. you can make anything using this.

To get started first go on the Inventor App Page, We need to follow these simple steps.

We need to follow these simple steps on How To Make An Android App For Free

  • Click on Create button.

  • Now you need to log in with Google account; it can be a simple email account or any.
  • Click on continue.
  • Click on the new project.

new project


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  • Give a name to the project “talk to me”. Please do not give space in the name
  • Now come to design window where you will see like this.                                                            design window



  • Then click on the button and drag it into the work area.
  • Now we have to connect our phone so download MIT AI2 Companion from play store. If you don’t have an android phone, then click on guide where some instructions are given.
  • Go to connect menu and click on the AI companion.
  •  Now open the app in the phone and scan the QR code. If you don’t have a camera on your phone, then type the code.
  • Now click on properties and set the properties according to you. Type text in the text column, i.e., talk to me, now you can see a change in the phone that talks to me.
  • Before programming we need to do one more thing, click on media then click on text to speech and drag it. Text to speech is the non-visible component.
  •  Then click on blocks and go to button. When you click on the button, then this type of window will show.




  • Click on button1.Click block and drag it. Then add another block “text to speech1.speak”. Now add one more text block from built in. And take the blank text block. now type the message what to speak of the text block.



Finally, you can test your app it is speaking what you have written in the text block suppose you have written that “we have made the first app ” then it will speak this.

Hope you will enjoy reading  How To Make An Android App For Free If You Enjoyed Then Give a thumbs up or if you have any doubt comment below or if you have a noob question and dont want to ask in public then use the contact form below the post and will solve it 🙂

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