Make a invisible folder without using any software

Today i am back with a new trick from which you can create a invisible folder without using any type of softwares or without hiding.Just follow the below steps to create a invisible folder.

1.Create a folder where you want to create it in your computer.

2.Right click and press “Rename” and then press “ALT+255” and then press enter.Now you can see that folder is without name.

3.Then right click on folder and select “properties” and then select the “Customise” tab from it.

4.Then click on “Change Icon…” button and select the Icon from it which is Blank or select the region where you find empty space and the set it to folder icon.

5.Now you can see that your folder is Invisible and only you know that where is your folder on desktop or anywhere.

EnJoY TrIcKs……..

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