Top 10 Mobile Tracker Apps That You Should Have On Your Phone

android tracking apps

It doesn’t really matter whether you want to track a lost Cellphone or whether you want to ensure the safety of your child, all you need is a cool mobile tracker app and you are all set. These tracking apps are very useful to the parents of this generation as they tell you the location of the target efficiently and in no time. Feels like a blessing to have such smart tracker apps, right?

Use Of Mobile Tracker Apps

With the increase in the number of the Cellphone tracker applications on the Internet, it has become a bit confusing to determine which one is best suitable for the purpose. Every single day a new company launches a mobile tracker app and claims to be the best one. In this chaos, choosing the correct one can be difficult. Worry not because we are here to help you with the needful. Follow to find out more.

Some Options That You Can Check Out

Seeing that choosing the right tracker app for a phone can be intimidating to some, we have devised a list of the best tracker apps for phones. These apps are the most efficient and useful and require no additional hassle to set up. So without waiting any longer, let’s get on with the list.


spyzie appspyzie app

If you are someone who is looking for a particular mobile tracker that is secure and reliable, this is the correct deal here. Search all you want, but finding a tracker app that is close to Spyzie in terms of functioning is pretty much impossible. The advanced geo-tracking feature of the app along with the geo-fencing bit is surely a great factor to consider. Not only will you be able to have a real-time tracking buddy, but the results produced are absolutely accurate as well. Accustomed to working with iOS and Android devices, this one is a sure catch.

Price: $7.5 per month.


mspy app

Another one of the additions to the best mobile tracker apps list is mSpy. Works with the Android and iOS devices and is easily trustable. You can be rest assured that with this app in hand, you can efficiently track the location of any target phone. The amazing real-time tracking feature provided in the app is what makes it stand out amongst many others. An extremely useful and efficient app, this one is a must-have if you want to track any cell phone.

Price: $29.99 per month


glympse app

For someone who is on the lookout for an efficient and dedicated application to help keep in touch with friends and family, Glympse is the best shot. You can ensure the safety of your closed ones with the help of this amazing tracker app. With a very efficient and simple program but advanced features, this mobile tracker has been the ultimate favorite of many people for a very long time. Available for all the devices, real-time tracking alerts are available in it.

Price: Free


Mobistealth app

The Mobistealth Tracking app will ensure that you are offered an access to gadget data very remotely. Possessing trustable and reliable features for tracking, this app is the go-to option for someone who wants to retrieve a stolen or lost device. Recover your device very quickly with the help of this tracker app. Apart from that, there are some additional features as well such as bookmarks logging, browser and call history viewing, and much more. GPS tracking is the best thing about Mobistealth.

Price: $79 per year.

Mobile Spy

Mobile Spy app

Make way for the master tracking app as Mobile Spy is here to fulfill all the tracking requirements that you have. Monitoring mobiles and tracking devices have never been this easier. Parents often tend to worry about the location of their kids and for them, Mobile Spy is the perfect option. As the name suggests, this app is the perfect spy that you need to keep track of your children’s smartphone. Have your child’s phone easily tracked with the help of this app.

Price: $49.99 per year.

GPS Tracker- Mobile Tracker

gps tracker app

We surely do not need to explain any more as the name gives it all away. This amazing phone tracker app is the best in the market right now. Be it real-time tracking or any other form, you can easily depend on the GPS Tracker to fulfill all your tracking requirements. And that’s not it people. With the help of this app, you will be able to track the locations of different vehicles as well. Doesn’t that sound amazing? Group alerts are also available with the app.

Price: Free

Geo Tracker

Geo Tracker app

Another master app in the cell phone market is the Geo Tracker app. As the name suggests, you can easily find out the location of the target device with the help of the GPS location. Whether you lose your phone or it gets stolen, this app will sniff out your device like a trained hound in no time. Apart from that, the app also has its use in the navigation segment as well. Discover new and amazing features of the app after you buy.

Price: $2 in-app purchases.



This particular mobile tracking application has been on the top for a long time since its launch. Many satisfied users recommend using this app as the program used in it is completely efficient to find out the location of any target phone in a matter of time. The SpyBubble app is the best app for the people at the moment. Helping people in viewing the actions of the target phones anonymously, this app provides the secretive touch to its functioning.

Price: $49.95

Highster Mobile

Highster Mobile app

For those who are looking for a cheap and affordable option for a mobile tracker app, Highster Mobile is the best shot for sure. With the assistance of this app, you will be provided with the opportunity to monitor and witness every single activity of a targeted device. Available for all the devices including iOS and Android, this app can be used for the amazing features and functions that it performs. Get it now and forget the tracking problems forever.

Price: $69.99


FlexiSpy app

Of all the different apps that can be used for tracking cell phones and devices, FlexiSpy is the best shot for sure. You can trust the functions and program of this amazing tracker app as it has every feature that makes it a responsible and reliable source for tracking mobiles. And the best about the app is that it is extremely affordable for those who have a tight budget. With impressive features and fantastic modes of control, this is the dream app for several users.

Price: $49.97

Did the list mentioned above help you in choosing the best app? Which one do you think is the best one to track mobiles? After all, it is your choice that matters.


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