How to Monitor Kids Smartphone

Nowadays, there is no preventing a kid from developing up without the effect of tech gadgets, online content, and the internet in overall. Being a parent is before now hard enough tasks, but shying away from the matter or totally shutting out technology from your kid’s lives is not about to help.

There are many different Whatsapp spy apps(occasionally regarded as WhatsApp hack tools) that are accessible. Monitoring kid’s smartphone usage is a delicate stuff, and that is why it is vital that you agree with spy software you can believe. With best Whatsapp spy application one can monitor kid’s smartphones in the best way.

What you can do, is to have additional control over what they are visible to while on their gadgets, and below are the app that will try to help you to monitor your kid’s smartphone.


This is the odd one out, but few parents may need this level of monitoring for their children. Through this app, you can receive alerts when your kids have been using their smartphones in the middle of the night, when they include a new unknown contact, or when they download some new app. Parents will also receive statistics about their kid’s smartphone usage, which they can use to fix usage limits (in their premium account).

There is yet the much required after location feature, with a minor twist. The SOS button and check in feature is included but more fascinatingly, the kid can appeal for their parents to trail their movement live through GPS tracking, somewhat like slightly ‘walking’ them to their destination.

It is supported on iOS and Android.

App link: Mobile Kids

MMGuardian Parental Control

This app is developed for your kid’s iPhone and iPad.

You can install the MMGuardian Parental control app on your child’s iPad, iPod touch or iPhone, choose the options you need, and let the app take on the job of monitoring your kids and safeguarding your children use their smartphone reasonably.

A complete set of device management functions allows you to agree on rules suitable for both today and in the future as your kids develop and matures. Reports containing websites visited can also be observed, to get valued insights into how your kid uses their device.


Whether you see to set limits of device function, restrict downloaded apps, or only limit the types of websites that your son may outlook, MMGuardian Parental control offers the complete solution to your requirements. You can manage the MMGuardian applications that are already installed on your kid’s tablets and phones, straight from your personal smartphone.

App link: MMGuardian

   KuuKla Parental Control

KuuKla Parental Control App assist you to adapt your Android device into one which is appropriate for your kid. It offers you the occasion to choose the applications that you want to display for use on the home screen while restricting access to all remaining applications. It also permits you to outline a plan for using apps and the Internet on the smartphone.

Once you have downloaded the app and listed your email address, a pin code will be directed to the email address provided which can only be used by you to regulate the device.

App link: Kuukla

Tispy Parental Monitoring:

Tispy is parental control app used to monitor WhatsApp of your kid. It is easy to use, and its improved features, like live panel, create it world’s most powerful parental monitoring application. It offers instant image, audio, location, SMS compelled capturing facility. Apart from this, it will provide to monitor all usually used communication applications, comprising SMS, MMS, Facebook, Viber, line, and others. Using the live panel, you can secretly hear in on what is going on around your kid’s device. Simply install the app on your kid’s smartphone, and you can personally know the fact about their calls, text SMS, and GPS locations by logging into your listed account from any of the web browsers.


App link: Tipsy

 Abeona – Parental Control & Device Monitor

The Abeona app mainly comes with a complementary app known as device monitor. Abeona – parental control permits parents to monitor the usage of mobile apps of their kid, see call logs and check if the smartphone of kid is online or offline.


This app must be installed on the kid’s smartphone for the parent to get reports of device usage and their location. The app is pronounced for use on multiple devices, for example, if you want to get reports from various Android smartphones or tablets, simultaneously.

App link: Abeona

MamaBear App:

MamaBear is the all-in-one family safety app offering parents info to concern less and inspire larger boundaries for kids to discover more. This app is particularly decent for kids that are first-time smartphone users and novel to social media. MamaBear lets parents recognise their kid’s present and new locations, setup coming and departure alerts for sites like school, home and practice or recognize when they go above a pre-set driving pace. Parents can fix up signals to monitor only the important stuff such as new friends or follows.


App link: MamaBear

     Screen Time Parental Control

As the name suggest, Screen time is a useful app which allows you to manage how much ‘screen time’ your kid’s avail. The key feature of Screen time comprises blocking different apps based on the time.


For instance, you can block only games at bed time but yet allow readings apps then select to block all apps when it is the time for lights out. Screen time also lets you fix a daily time limit on the apps you desire to restrict access.

App link: Screen Time Labs

     Kids Zone Parental Controls

Kids Zone is a different handy parental control app. The chore mode in this app gives you the capability to set a particular time limit that decides when your kid can use the smartphone.


Other distinguished features include relocking the smartphone after rebooting, blocking phone calls and also text messages and internet access, blocking the installation of apps and in-app purchasing, and several other features.

App link: Kids Zone Parental Control

   Parental Control Board

The Parental control board app monitors manage and track kid’s actions on a smartphone. It can also track a list of every installed app on the smartphone, and you can also restrict few of them like youtube or google play if you want to. You can receive the exact location of your kid at any time and regulate and look all call logs and SMS that go through their smartphone.


One of the beneficial things that this app has is the capability for parents to set black lists and white lists of phone numbers for incoming or outgoing messages and calls.

App link: Parental Board


So I have compiled some of the best parental control apps if you have any doubt on how to install it or want a further classification, do comment, and I would love to solve it


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