Nokia Series 40 Theme Studio 2.2 Trail Hack

Hello friends now Im going to show you making the trail period of Nokia S40 Theme Studio 2.2 again 14 days. If you are a creative person, you won’t be satisfied with others’ creative work and you’ll want to do your own. Nokia company has taken care about creative persons and released the phones’ platform Series 40 software – Nokia Series 40 Theme Studio. Using it you can develop and edit design themes. Also you can open existing themes to make a screenshot. The user interface is divided into two parts: the left one contains a menu of all things you can change and the right one is a live preview window displaying the current state of the theme. The degree of customizing your device is limited only by your imagination and patience, because the interface isn’t very user friendly. The Theme Studio allows creating, viewing and comparing themes before packaging.Theme packages can be downloaded on devices over the air (OTA) or using supported messaging or PC Connectivity options. Besides, an icon and operator name can be added or removed for further verification. Also it is possible to open a theme for development. There are tools that let you add ringtone and give theme name. To download this program you should register (free) at site.
Normally the Nokia S40 2.2 will come with 14 days trail.. now follow how to make 14 days trail again
pressWIN Rand type “regedit” Without quotes and press enter clickYESin UAC. Then a window will appear like this
Then selectHKEY_CURRENT_USERin that selectSOFTWARE
In SOFTWARE search forNOKIAlike below
In right side pan double click onJZXWW*********and select the code as shown anddelete
and pressOK.. now open your Nokia S40 Theme 2.2 and you get the 14days trail again.
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