Now Remove Shortcut Virus In 2 Easy Ways

Hello fans, so again with a new article on removing shortcut virus from your PC.

So, what is shortcut virus? As other virus harms our PC, this virus is transferred from USB’s, CD’s, and other equipment like this and makes your files change into shortcut with original folder icons.

Whenever you insert you pen-drive in your friends PC which is affected by Shortcut virus or if you insert your shortcut virus affected pen-drive in your friends affected PC. You can have chances to let the virus enter you PC. See to that before pairing device, these problems are even seen in PC’s having antivirus software.

Before I start the article it’s better to prevent it so now I will list down the precautions:

  • Disable the Auto run feature, so it won’t run the pen drive automatically
  • Scan and see the viruses are there or not
  • Never use pen-drive in Public PC’s
  • Prevent yourself from opening harmful websites
  • Antivirus need to stay updated

So now let us start the article which is based Short Cut Virus Remover

1.Remove Short Cut Virus Using WinRAR

So the first one is WinRAR, this a software which is used to compress files so you might be thinking how will we be able to use to remove this virus? So here’s the trick:

  1. Open WinRAR
  2. Got to your pen drive location
  3. Copy the files wherever you want
  4. Now format the pen drive, so with the format will also be removed

2.Remove Short Cut Virus Using Shortcut Virus Remover (Software)

The shortcut virus runs in Task Manager process, you can easily find and delete the ‘WScript.vbs’. Even after using WinRAR the virus is not removed then here is another trick which is using ShortCut Virus Remover, this is a software which you can download from my Gmail drive from here. So here are the steps to use it:

  1. First of all you will be prompted with running the program click on run.
  2. You will see two options Pendrive or Computer. Click on any one of the tabsshortcut1
  3. After click on any of the tabs you will get another screen like thisshortcut2Now select the device and the click on scan.
  4. So after you scan the following image is shown:shortcut3click on the files which are infected and click on delete and here you have removed the shortcut virus!!


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