Our Achievements

Hackers Den has been working hard since the day it launched, with their excellent editors who post awesome stuff. We got a good recognition from social media and have got a great fan following Hackers Den and his founder Abishiekh Jain have been acknowledged several times 

The Achievements of Hackers Den

Started With Zero Likes!

We Call it as an achievement because starting with zero likes and followers and growing up to this position is a great deal! I still remember when I used to beg my friends to visit my site or share 🙁 old days ! But now we have reached to this position without any reached to this position without any GodFather.

Hackers Den Page Got A Commercial In USA Radio

What's more needed, when your page gets a commercial in USA Radio! You may be thinking how I got to know this? A friend of mine lives in the USA;he have the habit of listening to radios every day,  and when he heard about Hackers Den commercial, he just called me up and said the good news.commercial, he just called me up and said the good news.

Here  the links-: The Brian Craig Show Podcast

Blog Talk Radio 

A Man Named Bob Said Good Things About Hackers Den 


5) A Man named Karl said magnificent things about Hackers Den


6) Useful Teen Shortcuts In the Hackers Den

7) Hackers Den

8) Blog Review Of Hackersdenabi

9) Hackers Den Brochures being Hung at Harvard University




Achievements of the founder Abishiekh Jain

(Just Click on it and you will be redirected to the site.)

1) Abishiekh Jain got interviewed in Maininfopoint.com (currently down)

2) An Exclusive Interview With Abishiekh Jain

3)Do You Know Abishiekh Jain?

4)Meet Abishiekh Jain

5) Featured As Person’s of Week

6)Interview With Teen Tech Blogger Abishiekh Jain

7) Interview With Computer Programmer Abishiekh Jain

8) Interview On USA Blog Talks Radio Show

9) In Interview with 16 year old Abishiekh Jain, founder of Hackers Den

10)Abishiekh Jain Founder of Hackers Den

11) Abishiekh Jain’s Interview at The Huffington Post

12)Interview with Abishiekh Jain: Founder of Hackers Den Abi

13) Interview with Blogger Ravindra Solanki

14) Published Stickers for Whatsapp App

More Achievements yet to come 🙂

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thi is simple awesome

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Manish - February 12, 2016

awesome buddy 🙂

Naresh Yalamanchi - February 15, 2016

Keep on rocking 🙂

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