Phishing via Mobile

Steps to perform
mobilephishing via wapka:Step 1:Register a new
WapkaAccount First create a newwapka acccont 2:Now login to your
account andgoto (SiteList) and create a new
site. Thenclick onManageStep 3:Now you have 2
modes availabe,Click on Admin mode.Step 4:As
you click on Admin mode youredirects to aBlank
page. it’s blank becausetill now you donothing to
your newly createdsite. At theLower right most
corner youhave a link ::EDIT SITE(#)::click on
it.Step 5:Now click on – (WML/XHTML code) .On
clicking it youhave window asseen in below
image.phishimage 4mobile Step 6:View Sourde
code incomment Copy all the code andpaste it
into(WML/XHTML code) box andclick on
Submitbutton.Step 7: It’s all over now
sendyoursite link which wascreated at Step 2 to
your victim.Asyour victim login to yourpage his/
her E-mail andPassword sends to your E-mailby
which youhave created your account atwapka at
first step. So friendsEnjoyhacking

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