Photo Verification Through Google

Image Search
Step 1: Go to Google images search
Step 2: Type facebook “name of 1st
friend” copyand paste from blocked

Step 3: Search , you will see the
picture of the1st friend in the 1st 3
Step 4:If you didn’t identify the
picture, repeatthe same
Step 5:If you didn’t identify the
friend.simply skip the picture and you
will get another one(always you have
2 skips/picture)
Step 6: After you identify the 5
picturesfacebook will ask you to
change your passwordand email
Step 7: Change your facebook account
passwordand confirm that you change
your emailpassword (even you don’t)
Step 8: Now every thing is OK
Step 9: If you see this message(no
verificationmethod is available now)
just logout and wait 1hour to login,
if you failed to verify the
photos,facebookwill give you 1
chance to verify 5pictures every 1

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