Programming – The Pros And Cons


After Reading the title “Programming – The Pros And Cons ” what popped up in your mind?How Does a programmer ,who is programming everyday listing out the cons of programming? Strange? Yes! I am  posting this post to make the programming aspect clear to everyone like before stepping up into the world of programming what you need to know and what mistakes you should avoitakes you should avoid and i believe that everuyone should learn basics of coding or programming whatver because its

Better To Be Geek than an Idiot

So Basically What is Programming, Who is Programmer?


Programming is a creative process done by programmers to instruct a computer on how to do a task or writing code to develop a website or an app  (In Simple Words)

Programming is the process of taking an algorithm and encoding it into notation, a programming language so that it can be executed by a computer (In Complex Words)

Coding is like learning a new language like English Or French. Like ordinary language learning, there is grammar and vocabulary to acquire in coding it is called Syntax.

What Do Programmers Do?

Computer programmers write and test code. They turn the program designs created by software developers and engineers into instructions that a computer can follow.Developers set up and test applications and programs to ensure that they produce the expected results. If they do not work correctly, computer programmers check the code for mistakes and fix them.They Update and expand existing programs

What Are The Advantages and Disadvantages of Programming?

If, after hearing both the pros and cons, if you still want to learn to code and execute it Then this article is for you to make clear pictures of What is Programming and its harms. If you’re so easily scared by hearing a few cons in coding, then there are many other things you could spend your time learning that are more useful and practical for you.

Most programming languages are relatively easy to learn and use.You know many say that to learn programming you must be good at Math, but honestly, I suck at math but yet am a programmer


  • You’ll get paid well.I listed this point first, so major people read this post;)
  • It’s fun to do programming if you are really into it
  • You get to work with people with other expertises, such as artists and designers.
  • It’s easy to code once you know the syntax of the language

Many More Advantages are there but listed only some you will get to know all advantages once you start programming


  • Bugs can get harsh and annoying, and it can be hard to solve it at sometimes.
  • If you typing is slow, then you will take much longer to program something.As a regular coder, I don’t think typing speed matters that much in coding.What is important is how effectively you can use Ctrl+Space;) My speed is 97 WPM, You can find you own from Typing Race, and you can continuously improve it 
  • Some Programming languages are very hard to learn and to bore so you will lose interest in it
  • You will be unaware of what’s happening beside you; you might even forget it’s already night
  • Will you forget that is the something called food?
  • You will go sleepless nights just because of the silliest thing you have ever done

coding mistakes

I have got a story from one of my friends which I will put here

My friend was writing a code for an app given to him, which was basically to provide some points in exchange of downloading apps the points  can be used for recharges
In one of the case, he was supposed to award the users 27% of some transactional value as the reward points. He was writing the code too fast as he had some special occasion in 2 days.
He finished his code on time and shipped it to production successfully. He made a tiny, a single character code fault which could have cost the company a lot. In the code, he mistakenly wrote 27/100(for 27%) to 27*100.Just Imagine one * instead of / can change your whole life.Thankfully he sent the code for testing to myself and some other friends who are good in programming and to his surprise we all 3 got 2700$ for just downloading an Amazon app we contacted him

Thankfully he sent the code for testing to myself and some other friends who are good in programming and to his surprise we all 3 got 2700$ for just downloading an Amazon app we contacted him, and he reverted the code
Thankfully, there was no damage done.

  • Sitting at computer for extended hours to code will hurt your eyes and back  which in turn will impact your health
  • As there are many languages and new things to learn, we will lose interest in all other things or activities going around us, we will just be hung to our laptops or phones either coding or compiling
  • If you study in school or college and do programming side by side your performance in academics would be little and that’s for sure
  • You won’t have any girlfriend, I guess this is the advantage, yeah, but if you had a girlfriend and you are a programmer, then you can’t seem to figure out the algorithm to make her happy.

So Here I listed out only some disadvantages while being a programmer.Thanks to my friend Dipti who gave me feedback about myself being as a programmer.

So Now If you are satisfied with the pros and cons listed above the read the article further, if you aren’t satisfied, then please switch it off 🙂


Should a Girl a be Computer Programmer?

Many Girls asked me Can I Code? Should I Code? The answer for them is YES 🙂

Don’t Forget The World’s First Programmer is a Women. Programming skills have nothing to do with gender. All it needs to be a good programmer is the analytical & logical thinking + programmer attitude excellent problem-solving skills and the passion. If you got them, you could be a programmer. Anyone in this world can program, I mean anyone
The computer doesn’t know if a male is writing the program or a female is.Programming skill depends on two things:

1. Use of your brain.
2. Use of Google.

If you fulfill both criteria, you can program.

If you ask me whether women are better than men I cannot say – but I can say they are certainly no worse. So Yeah Even girls Can program.

Things you should have in mind while writing code or learn code?

There are many difficulties you will face when you first learn to code first to solve a bug, but with time and practice, you will be a good programmer for sure making minimal mistakes

These are some of the things you should keep in mind while learning coding-:

1.It never works the first time And probably won’t the second or third time, but don’t give up!

This experience is common for both beginners and efficient programmers.Even professional programmers face this, so no need to worry about it.The Thing between you and an experienced programmer would be on How You Respond To It?

When you first start to learn to code, you’ll very quickly get this experience you think you’ve set up everything t, you’ve checked and re-checked it, and it still Doesn’t work. You don’t have an idea where to fix that goddamn error; you may be searching for that mistake for one hour or maybe 2  You might likely be to give up at this point, thinking that you’ll never find the error. I had that feeling the first time I tried to write a program in PHP, ran it, and got only the words “Syntax Error.”

2. Practice is more important than reading books or taking courses. Just by reading up code you can’t be a programmer you need to practice coding by writing codes in a suitable text editor like Notepad++. There are several excellent courses for starters on or for beginners worth trying out.

3. You cannot solve an error by just typing some random keys on keyboards as we see in Hollywood movies how programmers are given a problem, and they immediately start typing things down. In the real world, it doesn’t work this way.

hollywood programmers


I suggest that you start with Python or PHP since it’s easy for beginners to start from here.

Don’t jump straight to a language like C or Java.It would be very tough to learn the syntax and make programs on that language in beginning,s o first learn basic language syntax and programs to be an efficient programmer

On the earliest computers, everyone had to be a programmer because there was no software. If you wanted the computer to do anything, you wrote code.

Programming shouldn’t be for money; it should be for love, So if you want to become a programmer, all you need to do is fall in love with code.

And if you’re reading and thinking “this man made my day, and I want to be a programmer,”all I can say is: excellent! That’s the spirit!

And if you’re reading this and thinking, “screw this, who the hell is he to tell me whether I should learn to do coding or not,” all I can say is: excellent! That’s the spirit!

You don’t become a programmer because you listed the advantages and disadvantages and decided the advantages outweigh the disadvantages. You become a programmer because the first time you wrote a program you thought “this is it, this is what I’m doing with the rest of my life”.

Watch The Below Gallery for funny pictures and jokes about programmers and enjoy 🙂

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  1. I have just started learning C++ and for me, may be this is hard to learn and takes time BUT its best than any other language. I wanna tell you that GOOGLE is my REAL teacher :D. Overall nice POST for beginners.

  2. How you increased your typing speed upto 97 wpm and how long it took for you type at 97 wpm?

    If you have some time then please consider writing an article on how to improve our typing speed.

    1. Regular typing, and you will see an increase in your typing speed> I increased my typing speed, and my typing speed increases daily as I type very much :p because am a programmer :p

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