How to remove password of Memory Card

Procedure to view and removing the password of your memory card

*.First of all you need to insert your memory card in your android device that is password protected
*.After that you need to download ES file explorer
Install and open it
*.After opening ES file explorer app “Go to system folder and find the file mmcstore
*.Then rename it as mmcstore.txt and open it
*.You can see the current password of your memory card, kindly copy it
*.After that in memory card option, click on remove password and then paste the password that you have copied in earlier step
That’s all folks and you are done

1 thought on “How to remove password of Memory Card”

  1. Sir I Putted a Password on My SD by using Nokia 6303 And, now the password that i can’t remember.
    I also do follow your post instructions by inserting my SD on my Samsung J7 Smart phone and installed the Es File Manger but i Couldn’t find that file Named as “mmcstore”.
    The files that are in the SD card are very important i don’t know what do to.
    Need Your Help Sir.

    And i have a Question in my mind also that,
    the SD Can be unlocked by any Cellphone Or can only be unlocked from that cellphone which is used to locked that SD card??

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