Root your Galaxy Y

Rooting is the first step to
customise your device. Without
rooting absolutely ‘extraordinary’
nothing is possible. Yes your

warranty becomes void after that.
So what?? You can always get it
back after unrooting it. So chill.
No matter where you read that its
very risky or something like that,
I’ll say refrain from going to those
sites. They are just putting
unnecessary fear into your mind.
Most probably they fear you could
make your device function better
than them. So lets go on
with it. I’ve made it simple for you.
Just follow the steps.
1. Charge your device more than
80%. Coz you still have a lot of
work to do…
2. Backup your contacts, messages,
apps and everything you want. For
the contacts and messages you can
just about use anything off the Play
Store with a few stars and good
reviews. But for the apps I would
personally recommend the Astro
app. Yes I know what you want to
ask. It’s free..
3. Download the zip file for root
and place it directly on your SD
card, not in any folder. Do not
extract it.
4. Switch off your phone.
5. Press the Home button, Power
button and the Volume Up button
and keep holding it until the
Samsung logo appears. Now let go
of the buttons. You will see that
some writings have come in red
colour. This is called the Recovery
Mode. Your touch screen wont
work now. So don’t panic if you
touch the screen and nothing
happens. Only the volume buttons,
home button and the power
buttons work now. Volume buttons
for going up and down. Home
button for selecting and Power key
for going back to previous screen.
6. Select ‘Apply update from sd
7. Choose the file that you have
downloaded and select yes.
8. After that you’ll be taken to
another screen where there will be
an option ‘Reboot system now’.
Select it and be patient and wait
for your phone to switch on.
9. Check your apps and if you see
the Superuser app, it means you
are rooted.
10. Now open it and update the
That’s it. You are good to go. The
proud owner of a rooted SGY.
ATTACHED FILES – [Click for QR Code]
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