Schedule WhatsApp Messages Trick ●●【Rooted Users Only】 ●●

I think you are familiar with ‘WhatsApp’

No need to tell about it

Have You ever thought how it works

leme tell u in short !
It is a messaging app and its ui is so easy so that everyone can use it easily
Sending messages on whatsApp is very simple.
Choose the contact, type your message and click send button.
If you have internet connectivity, the message will sent right away, otherwise it will be stored in WhatsApp cache storage and will be sent as soon as you are connected to Internet.

Just think of a situation when you want to wish ur soulmate , friends or ur family members on a specific time or date and you are too lazy to do that at that particular time. Meaning is simple whatsapp dont have any option to schedule messages Like few days back i want to wish my crush Holi in the morning then i discovered about whatsapp messages scheduling

( I hope she is not reading this )

credit for this goes to one of  my rival she want to wish her boyfriend special
so i discovered this for her .

Scheduling Message on whatsapp is quite easy just follow these steps

All u need to make this trick working is

Just follow these simple steps

1. Download And Install this app on your rooted Android device
Whatsapp Scheduler Lite APK


2. Open it it will look like this


3. Tap on Pencil in the top right corner

A new interface will open like this


4. Fill details properly in the boxes

Like i have done like this


5. Select desired time you like to send the scheduled text message

when you press add it will show like this


6. Wait for the perfect time when u want to ur message to be delivered

7.Soon u will get notification like this


8. CONGRATULATIONS ur schedule messages has been sent successfully !!

Like this


Only two things you need to make sure while using this trick

1.While sending schedule messages to anyone u need a good internet connection and always connected to it

2. U need a rooted Android phone

If u don’t know what is that use Google now !!!


Keep sharing

And I hope my crush is not reading this 😋😋

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