What is Social Engineering? Types of Social Engineering Attacks?


It was said long ago that man is a social animal. But now, the people are proving that statement by using the social media websites to interact with each other more than they do in real life. Since there is such a huge population using the social media platforms, it is very much prone to some kind of attacks by people who have something evil in their mind. This is when the term ‘Social Engineering Attacks‘ comes into the picture. Be aware, Your friends sitting next to you contemplating on your PC keyboard while you will type any confidential/passwords is a social engineer. Yes! at that moment you got Hacked!

What Is Social Engineering?

In Simple terms, Social engineering is an art of shaping peoples mind in such a way so that they give up information that is secret. Or Manipulating someone’s mind behavior and ask the victim to do what you want to is exactly a social engineering.hackersdenabi.net

Security is about understanding who and what to anticipate. 


Social Engineering Attacks?

Social Engineering Attacks are methods using which one can hack other people’s profiles and gain access to their personal information or much worse. Most of such attacks are hidden behind some kind of phone calls or emails from different people providing you with credit card offers or insurance plans, etc. These Social Engineers can be found anywhere and are extremely dangerous.

There are different types of Social Engineering Attacks from which you must protect yourself. Most of the people do not know anything about such attacks and easily fall prey to the Social Engineer’s tricks. You can also check, Game Hacker Apps if you wanna be interested in game hacking and all. Hence, here we are going to discuss various types of Social Engineering Attacks so that you are well informed in case you are being attacked socially.

According to cyber security experts, that a bad guy is not attempting to exploit vulnerabilities. They’re currently moving after you. “You do not need as many specialized abilities to find 1 person who may be prepared, in a moment of weakness, to start up an attachment which has malicious content” Just about 3 percent of the malware that they encounter attempts to exploit a technical defect. Another 97 percent is attempting to deceive a user so at the end, it doesn’t matter if you are using is a Mac or a Windows.

6 Best Social Engineering Attacks

#1 Phishing

This is the most common type of Social Engineering. The logic behind this type is very simple. The attacker creates a dummy website or social portal or a well-known company and sends the link to the target. The target falls prey to this bait and enters all the personal details in it, and it eventually leaks your personal data to the hacker. Out of 10 every 6 users get a victim of online phishing scam each day. However, In order to protect us, Facebook doesn’t allow any suspicious phishing link to be posted or send on it.

#2 Baiting

As the name suggests, this type gives the people a bait to get themselves attacked. The Social Engineers leave an infected USB drive or optical disk at public places with a purpose of someone picking it up out of curiosity and using it on their devices. Another method of baiting is providing with different download links to random people hoping for them to click on it so that they can get all their personal data.

#3 Vishing

This is an old-fashioned way of Social Engineering but, it is always an evergreen method. What these Engineers do is recreate the IVR system of a company and assign it to a toll-free number so as to trick people into calling the number and entering their details. This eventually leads to leakage of your personal data to the hackers.

#4 Pretexting

This is another method used by hackers to find out your personal information. What they actually do is that they impose to be another person from some known company or a famous personality. Another way of doing this is by using fake email ids or using hacked email ids. You must be really careful while replying to such emails or calls.

#5 Spear Phishing

Spear Phishing is a kind of Phishing which uses almost the same method to hack your personal information. However, the Social Engineer has to put in much more effort to get the information using this method. This method is fruitful to the Social Engineers since there is a higher probability of people getting trapped here.

#6 Quid pro quo

This is a method used by Social Engineers most often. What they do is they pose themselves as technical support guys. They claim to fix some issue and belong to some renowned company. Their aim is to get things done by you which they cannot do. Hence, you must be extremely careful and know what the other person is asking you to do.

The way to defend yourself from being caught in Social Engineering Attacks?

Never ever click on any suspicious looking links. Those links might be a phishing page or a keylogger.

However, An attacker or Social engineers can attempt to hit on people’s brains’. They may attempt to carry you on a guilt trip, or try to impact. The situation gets alarming; people have the propensity to open up facing those attempting to give them relaxation that is psychological.

Someone seeking to hack into your account might peek through your Facebook profile and discover some hints concerning the answers to your password or the security questions. Yes! yet this is an another security issue.

Conclusion: These were the different types of Social Engineering Attacks to which you can fall prey of. Now that you know the different types of Social Engineering Attacks, we hope you do not fall in any of such traps. IF we have missed out on any such type of Social Engineering Attacks then, please let us know in the comments section below. This was a short summary of social engineering. Drop your ideas and feedback if you really feel like adding something.

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