Speed Up your Modem

As more and more people get quick
connections to the internet, such as cable or
ADSL, it becomes apparent to the user of a
simple dial-up modem that the World Wide
Web can quickly turn into the World Wide
Wait. Here a trick that can help speed up
your current modem without shelling out
the big bucks.

There is a setting located in your windows
registry called the Maximum Transfer Unit
(MTU). This determines the size of the
packets of data sent between your and your
server. In Windows 95, this setting is has a
value of 1,500 bytes when the actual size of
internet packets is 1,000 bytes. This can
sometimes slow things down. To remedy
the situation, simply follow these steps:
In the registry editor (Start > Run >
regedit.exe), navigate to
In the NetTrans folder you should find
another folder named “000x” in which x
represents a fourth digit. Right-click on the
“000x” folder and select New and
StringValue. Rename the item that appears
in the panel on the right side to MaxMTU,
then double-click it to bring up the Edit
String box and give it a velue of 1002.
Remember to keep playing with the MaxMTU
value until you feel that your internet
connection has greatly sped up. Some
people report huge speed gains using this
tricks, while others hardly notice a
difference. In any case, it’s definetly worth a

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