These are the some important steps taken by hackers

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First is recognition and foot printing ultimately
can say information gathering that is the first step and very  important
 in hacking. Can anybody tell If you have target and don’t know anything
about that, can you hack??? No, that’s why information gathering is very
important. Means first step is to gather as much information as much we can. So
maybe we find any possibilities. Hacking is not magic And there is no proper
tools. We have to work on vulnerabilities and bugs.

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In information gathering, we find all public records which already
in public. In this step you want to gather more deep information. Scanning
involves steps such as intelligent
port scanning, which is used to determine open ports and vulnerable services
that gaining access. Suppose we found vulnerability. We say Wow, I got
vulnerability now want to exploit that vulnerability. Gaining access is nothing
the  target system.
Maintaining Access and Placing Backdoors:-
you find a vulnerability in Google, Google will not keep the vulnerability for
a long time. So what you  have to do to make it attack for a long time???
We have to put some backdoors so whenever we want we can assess that thing.
That is nothing but called maintain access.
Clearing Tracks:

What is
the main identity revealed when you are browsing the internet??? IP address?
are 3 main identities that can rival or path  1. The IP address 2nd thing
is much address and one more thing, is there. That is a very important thing
your browser itself. Your browser, revealing what system you are using.These
three things how can we hide ourself and be anonymous.
Now the
last step is clearing tracks.: if anything about you is registered then how
will you clear your records so they can’t trace you back.
these are the five important phases of the hacking. A lot of guys from school’s
and colleges. They don’t follow the proper steps.What they do they find a
vulnerability and exit it.And after some times logs find on a server they
easily get traced.After that they are behind the worse. So Be anonymous before
doing the hacking.!

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